Aaron Walker: Focus, grit, and weekly mastermind group to get to the next level of your life

Aaron Walker, founder viewfromthetop.com coaching and mastermind group

Booom, Aaron Walker, in the house. Aaron is RAZOR sharp on achieving success and the BIGGEST POWER INTERVIEW we’ve had to date. Saddle up, listen in and take notes, here is the PATH TO REACH THE NEXT LEVEL OF YOUR LIFE.

Starting his first business at 18 and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later is proof of Aaron’s rare ability to achieve goals.

Aaron is not your average coach, he is a powerhouse and keeps proving his worth. He has invested and helped grow several businesses, including taking a franchise national. He is part of a mastermind group of notable Nashvillians such as Dave Ramsey, Ken Abraham, and many others.

If you only listen to ONE podcast here, THIS IS THE ONE you need to listen to … over and over again.






What you will learn from Aaron Walker



  • Share your goals with the public, we don’t have any accountability unless we do and success will never arrive.



  • Aaron Walker helps his clients get their heads down and focus on delivering and stop generating new ideas but complete the ones you already decided on.
  • Born in among entrepreneurs, Aaron was eager to finish school to start working.
  • How Aaron worked in a Pawn shop for five years and started a new Pawnshop with two partners.
  • Aaron sign on a $150.000 bank loan at age 18. Nervous as heck, he then signed a store lease and got to work day and night.
  • How Aaron paid off a 10-year bank loan in 36 months, replicated it 4 times and sold to a fortune 500 company nine years later.
  • Focus on customer service and treat them as the most important asset.
  • What it takes – Perseverance, determination, consistency, and grit



  • 4 time a year Aaron meets with his COO, works 20 hours a day for two days on the goals for the year.
    • What books he needs to read
    • 40 blog posts, titled and theme
    • 4 Facebook lives a week
    • Answering emails, instant messages and Facebook comments
    • Daily schedule laid out for the year. Every single day
  • Delay gratification and re-invest in your business.
  • If it’s not on my list, it doesn’t exist and will NOT get done. Aaron Walker
  • No more books, ideas only execution





  • Be careful with leverage so you don’t risk your business and life as revenue fluctuate. Aaron Walker
  • Set stretch goals, something that is difficult.
  • Setting realistic goals in not give you enough energy and stretch.
    Falling short of a stretch goal will get you further than goals that is within reach
  • Don’t make money your only focus, make money for a purpose and make sure you are very aware of your purpose of a better marriage, better family life.
  • Don’t become a prisoner of your money and business.
  • Be conscious of the purpose and lifestyle you want.



  • Didn’t know anything about delegating, not mastermind group to advise on whether of selling or keeping his business.
  • How Aaron wish that he hadn’t sold his business. Connect with people who have been where you want to go and listen to advise. Mastermind groups are vital to making great decisions and a successful life.
  • How Aaron’s mastermind group has helped Aaron get advice and help stay on course with his life, business, and success, in good and bad times.
  • Aaron got out of a hole in life when a mastermind group friend called, on a Saturday, with a few brutally honest observations on Aaron’s behavior. It got Aaron upset at first but have been grateful for the feedback ever since.










Iron-sharpens-Iron is Aaron’s mastermind group. So sign up, it’s important for your progress.



The ONE Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

“The 12 week year” by Brian Moran



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