Who is the "Tribe of Entrepreneurs"

Hello and welcome Tribe Of Entrepreneurs.

Here you are part of like minded people, who share their desire and deep belief that there IS more to life and that we can create our own life and legacy as we wish.

When I get the opportunity to help, I really get excited. I enjoy the excitement of bringing clarity, actionable ideas and network to friends and connections who are in need.

My name is Soren Skovdahl Hansen, host of Tribe of Entrepreneurs, where I interview amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs, how they over came their fears and self doubts about starting and how they grew their business, and achieved a life of fulfilment, 3 days a week.

Are you struggling with how to launch your entrepreneurial dream? Is self doubt and imposter syndrome holding you back from starting your entrepreneurial journey because you are afraid what you have to offer is not good enough?

You will get actionable inspiration from our amazing entrepreneurs who will share how they successfully over came their self doubt, took massive action and launched their business. You will learn how they found the the value and service that now bring them income, how their connect with their audience and grew their business.

I challenge you to use the inspiration from the guest's to discover the idea that ignites you, learn how to create income from your idea, how to get started.


My Story

Hi I'm Soren Skovdahl Hansen, born in Denmark and father of two fantastic daughters, who are responsible for the majority of my joy and happiness.

Before becoming a father in 2005, I had worked in sales and marketing where I helped grow a wastewater recycling business, when investing in the environment was still considered an unnecessary cost. I liked the entrepreneurial atmosphere where I at a young age handled all sales and marketing.

Almost as if I was on autopilot, I felt the right thing to do was get a Masters degree, with that I would be able to decide my own life ... I thought. After five awesome years spend in Boston Massachusetts, L.A. and College Station Texas, connecting with a ton of new international friends and cultures, I took the classic route to management consulting.

The first few years were full of intense learning and fantastic new colleagues and projects, but after a while the 70 hours a week, constant travelling, started to wear me down. I was starting to look forward to the weekends. Alarm clocks ringing ...

My thoughts had started to evolve around starting for my self, but at that time my limiting beliefs was that it had to be something unique and so when ever an idea came up and I realised it had been done before, I got discuraged and went on to find another one. This played out for 5-6 years. In reality it was doubt of my own abilities and I didn't realize at the time that if my idea already existed, it was more a validation of my idea than a disqualification.


First time entrepreneur

In 2010 I talked with a friend who had just sold her shares in a company and in one week we had 2 ideas we took massive action on, one of them, setup meetings with the partner and a month later we had a contract to launch a online marketplace. Boom, it was that fast and we were excited. We didn't have much experience in online marketing and we needed to keep our full time jobs. I decided to switch career into an online marketing agency to beef up my skills fast.


Second time entrepreneur

We since then created another business, selling beauty products as a subscription service, which we had to close down, soon after.

The online agency I worked for was struggling which caused me to move on to another agency. Unfortunately the new agency also showed to have financial problems. This was an extreme pressure on my already tight schedule, between feeling very uncertain about my job situation, mortgage payments, running a business on the side and being a new father, I was about to burn out. I experienced loss of short term memory, no proper sleep, jumpy  .... stress.


How can I help?

I've been a tutor and study group leader during my years at university, helping friends, entrepreneurs and professionals solving their business challenges for more than a decade. As a small kid I wanted to be a surgeon, so I could help sick people.

The thing that gives me most pleasure, above anything else, is the relief, the light in the eyes and smiles, when a solution to their business challenge presents it self. It's an absolutely joy, and it gives such a rush to give and be of value to others.

With Tribe Of Entrepreneurs i wish to help you get the inspiration and insight to how other entrepreneurs have done to overcome their challenges in starting their business, the details of how they finally managed to start and grow their business and the many different ways they generate income.

In this podcast I will help give detailed answers to how you can finally get your own business off the ground, over come your fear and doubts of whether what you have to offer is good enough, because it is good enough.

There is no right time to start, there is only now!

Take inspiration in the examples of successful entrepreneurs, apply and test it on your own business and achieve the life of independence and fulfilment you want.

As always, if I can help, then please reach out to me immediately. Don't wait, take action.



What are your struggling with? Connect with me and let’s chat.