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Alex Brooks, persistence personified. From idea to a bootstrapped business Intelligence startup

Alex Brooks, founder of

The new image of “persistence”. How Alex Brooks, despite adversity and his family losing their house during the depression in Detroit, managed to push forward and see the opportunities. With an innate and relentless persistence, some help from good people and mentors, Alex has shaped life to fit his wants and started his own business



What you will learn from Alex Brooks

  • How moving around for shelter taught Alex hustling, connecting with people living lives that Alex wanted.



  • How Alex was taught to repeat mantras daily, like: “I am great and I can do anything”.
  • How Alex got tuned to entrepreneurship via his uncle and how he build a huge network shortly after moving to Seattle, and how you can too.
  • How Alex is “breaking bread” with significant mentors and people he meets at networking events and the specific goals he has for each and every network meeting.
  • How Alex was committed to moving to Seattle, the place of startup opportunities, how he struggled saving enough money to travel to Seattle to interview for jobs, sleeping in the car and eventually landed two offers to stay and work in Seattle.
  • The moment that Alex found his “idea” and how the idea matured over a couple of months … but he knew that this was going to be his product.
  • How Alex generated income in his business from day one.
  • How Alex networked with a serial entrepreneur with 35 years experience and what the amazing effect has been for Alex and his business.
  • Take a step at a time, don’t stress, and build the best product you can.
  • Just start, start, start. It’s a long journey, so the sooner you start to sooner you find the value your customers need from you.
  • The ONE Thing you should do today: Setup a meeting with a customer and find out what their biggest pain points are, build a minimal product to validate your demo. Charge for it. Get started now.
  • What you should be working hard at as an entrepreneur.




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