Alicia B Ness: Lessons from working on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that helped me start my own business.

Alicia B Ness

Alicia B. Ness is the founder of Heptagon Productions and creator of the method that streamlines the process to take brands from meaning to activation. so brands can use their purpose to motivate their advocates to take action.

Alicia spent ten years in the social sector working for a range of nonprofits in fundraising, communication, event production, and brand strategy before I quit my job to join to join the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign as a full-time field organizer in Florida.

Today we are going to be talking about the ways we can adapt to better find out what our target clients want, so we know exactly what problem we need to solve with our product or service, and how to find our purpose.



What you will learn

  • The lessons from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Alicia has applied to her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How Alicia discovered her product and transitioned to her new life as entrepreneurs
  • Why Alicia’s purpose is to employ full-time co-workers rather than just freelancers.
  • How Alicia acquired massive new clients by giving away time to consult and help target clients for free.
  • Why we need to have a mind of abundance in terms of the number of prospects and value of giving before asking for projects.
  • The importance of not trying to be everything for everyone and the importance of niche down in both what we offer and who we offer it to.
  • How Alicia forced her self to narrow in her service to her clients and avoid spreading her self too thin and prevent overwhelm and ensure profitability.
  • The inspirational approach Alicia took to pricing her agency services and left her self with ample time to do other things.
  • The importance of not competing on price and how to gauge what a client is ready to pay for your service.



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