Alicia B Ness: Lessons from working on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that helped me start my own business.

Alicia B Ness

Alicia B. Ness is the founder of Heptagon Productions and creator of the method that streamlines the process to take brands from meaning to activation. so brands can use their purpose to motivate their advocates to take action. Alicia spent ten years in the social sector working for a range of nonprofits in fundraising, communication,…

Pia Silva: “Badass Your Brand”, Creating a Badass brand for like minded clients in three days and build a $500K a Year Business

ToE Pia Silva founder & Author of Badass Your Brand

Pia Silva is the founder of Worst of All Design, where she helps impatient entrepreneurs like us turn the experience into profit and build our Badass Brand. She the author of Badass Your Brand, which you will get a chance to acquire at the end of this show. After three years with Worst of All…