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Jeff Koser: Selling to Zebras, Your Perfect Prospect & How it helps You Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster

Jeff Koser author of Selling to Zebras

Jeff Koser is today’s guest and has more than 30 years experience in sales and consulting growing sales 10X for big software and hardware companies. Jeff authored the book “Selling to Zebras” and founded Selling to Zebras Consulting. Looking for avenues to grow his consulting business, he approached numerous investors without luck and decided to…

Alicia B Ness: Lessons from working on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign that helped me start my own business.

Alicia B Ness

Alicia B. Ness is the founder of Heptagon Productions and creator of the method that streamlines the process to take brands from meaning to activation. so brands can use their purpose to motivate their advocates to take action. Alicia spent ten years in the social sector working for a range of nonprofits in fundraising, communication,…

John Doherty: How John created the leading subscription based marketplace for finding the best SEO Experts for your project.

John Doherty founder

John Doherty, founder, and CEO of Credo, a marketplace for those who need an SEO or marketing provider. From senior growth marketing manager at Trulia Rentals, overseeing SEO, email marketing, and native app growth, John Doherty has created one of the most specialized and successful subscription-based marketplaces for SEO experts. Today we are going to…

Pia Silva: “Badass Your Brand”, Creating a Badass brand for like minded clients in three days and build a $500K a Year Business

ToE Pia Silva founder & Author of Badass Your Brand

Pia Silva is the founder of Worst of All Design, where she helps impatient entrepreneurs like us turn the experience into profit and build our Badass Brand. She the author of Badass Your Brand, which you will get a chance to acquire at the end of this show. After three years with Worst of All…

Michael Devellano: How to automate sales, marketing and support processes for SaaS & eCommerce entrepreneurs

Michael Devellano author of and founder of

Today’s guest is Michael Devellano, founder of Cloud Advisory LLC that helps clients automate processes in their business, and he is the author of “Automate + Grow: A Blueprint for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses to Automate Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support”. Today we’ll be talking about how we can grow our business faster by…