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Heini Zachariassen: Desire, persistence, focus & building the World’s best & biggest Wine APP, Vivino

Heini Zachariassen, founder Vivino, the World's largest wine APP

Heini Zachariassen is today’s guest, super entrepreneur, and founder of, the World’s biggest Wine APP. Vivino set out to be the best and largest among 600+ other wine apps. Today Vivino contains 12 million different wines in total. Half a million bottles of wine scanned and 125.000 ratings completed every single day. Last year alone $40…

Peter Ramsey (24): Laughed out by Customers, out of cash and now successful in 350 cities.

Peter Ramsey

How Peter Ramsey got laughed out of the office by customers when presenting their property review service for tenants, landlords and agencies, ran out of cash. Stubborn and relentlessly persistent, is now victoriously  the most used rating service in 350 cities across UK and Peter Ramsey now one of top entrepreneurs to follow in…

Derek Lundsten: Be obsessive about work and connecting with customers

Derek Lundsten

How being obsessive with connecting with customers and work every day helped this millenial create 3 successful businesses and how ideas for more are flowing like a water-fall. Derek Lundsten is the founder of several of  several companies such as “Improving Connections”, The Client Counsel, which helps clients connect with their customers and grow their business.…

Soren Nielsen – Creating a dream, the first digital piggy bank

Ep 008 soren nielsen

Learn how Søren Nielsen and 2 friends and co-founders of, Mads Tangel and Thomas Bjerring, discovered their entrepreneurial idea, waived goodbye to paycheck and embarked on a journey of uncertainty, always in doubt and always out of their comfort zone. How they stayed committed and learned how to deal with the massive emotional ups…