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Cardiff D. Hall: Become Captain of your own ship, finding your internal fire and get around the fire of Activators

Cardiff D Hall

“Be The Captain of your life”. Cardiff is a relentless optimist, and a passion for life, Tribe Of Entrepreneurs. With 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has a desire to live life with a purpose, impacting adults and most recently children, in his Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Program. Cardiff first book is entitled…

Leigh Martinuzzi: Adopting other peoples values will not make you happy, get your own & a life you love

Leigh Martinuzzi, founder The Hidden Why podcast

Leigh Martinuzzi left his executive lifestyle, sold everything they owned and moved to rural Japan to build the life he and his wife had designed. Sound scary? Here is how they did it …   Leigh Martinuzzi is the founder of “the hidden why” podcast, motivational speaker and performance coach, author of “Four Pillars of Success”, “Delegate…

Tim Laskis: Ignore your critics, fear is growth, finding your “Costa Rica”, a recipe for a fulfilling life.

Tim Laskis, host of The Tim Laskis Show podcast

Welcome to the world of Tim Laskis and how he managed to change his life trajectory for ever. Tim Laskis is an avid motor cross enthusiast, entrepreneur, podcast host, and clinical psychologist. Growing up, mostly got C’s and D’s in high school, never succeeded in any sports and therefore never really felt he managed to…

Nicolas Cole: Tomorrow doesn’t exist, start building the life you want, TODAY!

Nicolas Cole on Tribe Of Entrepreneurs podcast

In 2007 he was the highest ranked World of Warcraft player in North America, and more than 10.000 daily readers on his World of Warcraft blog. Throughout his student years he was constantly told that this was not a viable and proper way to make money but determined to follow his passion for writing, he…

Joshua Spodek: SIDCHA, self awareness and “Do-ing”, is the path to entrepreneurship

Joshua Spodek

Joshua helps put an end to shiny object syndrome and becoming who you want to be, but it requires that you start “doing” as you say you will.   SIDCHA – The Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activity   Leadership and Entrepreneurship Requires Getting in the Trenches and Doing, Not Just Learning. – Joshua Spodek   co-founded…