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Chris Strub: I’m here! “50 states in 100 days”, empowering non-profits, Raising $4,5 mill in 24 hrs with Live Streaming.

Chris Strub author of "I'm Here" and founder of

How nonprofit organizations are using Social Media and Live Streaming for the benefit of local communities with the help of Chris Strub. Louisville Kentucky, “Community Foundation of Louisville 24 hour online day”,  of giving raising 4,6 mill. for more than 500 non-profits. Social Media and live streaming with real impact, to raise money for “BIG brothers,…

Roberto Blake Part TWO: What is Your Purpose? .. How Roberto Blake Monetize his YouTube Channel and Pivoted to Consulting & Courses

Roberto Blake, founder of Awesome Creator Academy  and Video Marketing & Branding expert

In the firs episode with Roberto Blake we talked about combating massive adversity and building massive skills in digital marketing, brand building. Roberto is also revealing, in detail, how he has build a very successful business starting with a YouTube channel “Own the answer”, beyond the broad irrelevant keyword toward a context In this Episode, we…

John Lee Dumas: From Zero to 10 Mill in 5 Years “Stay on ONE course until successful”

John Leed Dumas, founder & host of EO Fire podcast

John Lee Dumas is a bonified serial entrepreneur who started podcasting in 2013 and now one of the biggest podcasts around. He has since then created products to help his audience reach their number one goal such as Freedom Journal, courses for creating your own podcast and webinar, co-owner of and more to come. He quit…

Darrah Brustein: From Laid-off to Creator of Network Under 40, Finance WhizKids & Speaker at Davos

Darrah Brustein founder Network Under 40

After multiple layoffs and crushing financial blows to her first business, Darrah focuses on developing a life and businesses that work together to create her personal version of success, freedom of time. Now she’s able to fit her work in-between her frequent travel and vacation schedule.         Darrah is a networker and “connector”.…

Cardiff D. Hall: Become Captain of your own ship, finding your internal fire and get around the fire of Activators

Cardiff D Hall

“Be The Captain of your life”. Cardiff is a relentless optimist, and a passion for life, Tribe Of Entrepreneurs. With 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has a desire to live life with a purpose, impacting adults and most recently children, in his Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Program. Cardiff first book is entitled…