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Erica Blair: 10 Steps to Create Your Killer Personal Brand

Erica Blair 10 steps to a killer personal brand

Today we are talking to Erica Blair, brand strategist and digital nomad, who helps us stop over complicating things to build a personal brand around our unique skills, and how we can become location independent entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talk with Erica Blair on how she has created her life as a digital nomad and…

Jeffrey Shaw: “Whom are You For?”. Finding the Audience You are Meant to Serve, and How to Reach Them.

Jeffrey Shaw founder of author of LINGO

Whom are you for? How Jeffrey realized who he was best suited to serve … clients that could afford the luxury. Jeffrey Shaw began his career over 30 years ago as a highly-sought after portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, People Magazine and much more. Jeffrey…

Scott Beebe: 4 Steps to Business Freedom, How to Build Your Business, Goal Setting and Delegation Road Map

Scott Beebe founder of My Business On Purpose

Scott Beebe, the founder of My Business On Purpose (dot) COM, where he helps small business owners and organizational leaders uncover things that they cannot see, and create game-changing strategies so they can take immediate action and live out their life and business with purpose and intentionality. He is hosting his own podcast Business on…

Whitney Nicely: How to get your first Investment Property and Build Your Recurring Income and Freedom.

Whitney Nicely founder of Whitney Nicely dot com

Whitney Nicely, is a Real-Estate Rock Star, the founder of Whitney Buys Houses, a real estate brokerage company AND offering people like you and me the opportunity to create a full time or side gig real estate business via coaching and online courses. Whitney went from no investments to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and…

Milana Leshinsky: Simplicity & Finding Your Business Idea; From $6 Piano Lessons to 6 Figure Digital Business.

Milana Leshinsky founder of

Today’s guest is Milana Leshinsky is the founder of Simplicity Revolution. Milana immigrated to the United States from Soviet Ukraine 25-years ago as a Classical Musician. Despite having zero knowledge of the business world and only a rudimentary understanding of English, Milana taught herself everything she needed to build multiple six and seven-figure businesses. After two…