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Milana Leshinsky: Simplicity & Finding Your Business Idea; From $6 Piano Lessons to 6 Figure Digital Business.

Milana Leshinsky founder of

Today’s guest is Milana Leshinsky is the founder of Simplicity Revolution. Milana immigrated to the United States from Soviet Ukraine 25-years ago as a Classical Musician. Despite having zero knowledge of the business world and only a rudimentary understanding of English, Milana taught herself everything she needed to build multiple six and seven-figure businesses. After two…

Chris Strub: I’m here! “50 states in 100 days”, empowering non-profits, Raising $4,5 mill in 24 hrs with Live Streaming.

Chris Strub author of "I'm Here" and founder of

How nonprofit organizations are using Social Media and Live Streaming for the benefit of local communities with the help of Chris Strub. Louisville Kentucky, “Community Foundation of Louisville 24 hour online day”,  of giving raising 4,6 mill. for more than 500 non-profits. Social Media and live streaming with real impact, to raise money for “BIG brothers,…

Divya Parekh – Success is 80 pct. preparation and 20 pct. implementation

Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh brings over 25 years of rich and varied experiences to her roles as a coach and a speaker. Her professional career includes positions as a university associate professor, scientist, biotechnology professional, and as a global business relationship and leadership coach. Learn how Divya stayed on her course regardless of doubt of whether coaching…

Tommy Breedlove: Discovered his brilliance, meaning & avoided corporate career meltdown.

Tommy Breedlove, founder

Tommy Breedlove explains how we are killing our selves, our brilliance, and sensation of fulfillment by trying to be what we think is expected by others. Don’t, you will be far more successful and happy by following YOUR values. Tommy is a shining example that life changes are possible and Tommy is currently on his…

Aaron Walker: Focus, grit, and weekly mastermind group to get to the next level of your life

Aaron Walker, founder coaching and mastermind group

Booom, Aaron Walker, in the house. Aaron is RAZOR sharp on achieving success and the BIGGEST POWER INTERVIEW we’ve had to date. Saddle up, listen in and take notes, here is the PATH TO REACH THE NEXT LEVEL OF YOUR LIFE. Starting his first business at 18 and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine…