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John Doherty: How John created the leading subscription based marketplace for finding the best SEO Experts for your project.

John Doherty founder

John Doherty, founder, and CEO of Credo, a marketplace for those who need an SEO or marketing provider. From senior growth marketing manager at Trulia Rentals, overseeing SEO, email marketing, and native app growth, John Doherty has created one of the most specialized and successful subscription-based marketplaces for SEO experts. Today we are going to…

Roberto Blake Part TWO: What is Your Purpose? .. How Roberto Blake Monetize his YouTube Channel and Pivoted to Consulting & Courses

Roberto Blake, founder of Awesome Creator Academy  and Video Marketing & Branding expert

In the firs episode with Roberto Blake we talked about combating massive adversity and building massive skills in digital marketing, brand building. Roberto is also revealing, in detail, how he has build a very successful business starting with a YouTube channel “Own the answer”, beyond the broad irrelevant keyword toward a context In this Episode, we…

Roberto Blake Part ONE: From Bullied & Depressed to the Leading Video Marketing & Branding Master with 265K YouTube Subscribers

Roberto Blake, founder of Awesome Creator Academy  and Video Marketing & Branding expert

Roberto Blake (Part 1 of 2) bullied and depressed, wanted to end it all, when he realized he could change it all, build his massive creative skills at age 14 and now 20 years later, the Master of Video Marketing and Branding for major global brands and creator of a YouTube channel with 265K subscribers.…

Tom Schwab: You already know what your product is, now call a customer, get started today.

Tom Schwab, founder of Interview Valet,

Tom Schwab is the founder of (started in 2014), a concierge service for getting business owners, entrepreneurs and any one with a message, get featured on leading podcasts. How the 2008 financial crisis and a book “Inbound Marketing” changed Tom’s perspective on marketing and his life trajectory, the creation of his first online product, his book PODCAST GUEST…

Jake Jorgovan: From lost clients & eviction notice to selling his way back to a dream agency and lifestyle

Jake Jorgovan

Fighting back from lost clients, no income, and an eviction notice, Jake 3 months later, managed to get back on his feet through contacting his network, selling and pure perseverance. Jake Jorgovan is the founder of and, where he helps companies building their sales muscle and win clients, that fit their service. He has been…