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Ruston Miles: Stop overanalyzing, make the “jump” and start implementing

Ruston Miles, founder of Bluefin Payment Systems

Ruston’s journey is a phenomenal entrepreneurial inspiration, from taking a job as a telemarketer, as a teenager to deal with his stuttering, sold music equipment for $250.000 at age 16 and founded Bluefin Payment Systems, in 2002 which became #5 on Inc 500 fastest growing companies in 2012. Ruston Miles is the founder of Bluefin…

Soren Nielsen – Creating a dream, the first digital piggy bank

Ep 008 soren nielsen

Learn how Søren Nielsen and 2 friends and co-founders of, Mads Tangel and Thomas Bjerring, discovered their entrepreneurial idea, waived goodbye to paycheck and embarked on a journey of uncertainty, always in doubt and always out of their comfort zone. How they stayed committed and learned how to deal with the massive emotional ups…