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Tim Milazzo: “We Screwed Up, We ran Out of Money” … From SaaS to Successful Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate Loans.

Tim Milazzo founder of Stack Source

Tim Milazzo is the founder of an online platform that provides transparency in the commercial real estate financing market and helps investors find the right lenders. Stack Source, NYC Barclay’s TechStars 2016 finalist, from running out of cash to pivoting from SaaS to MarketPlace for Commercial Real Estate Loans. I came across when Tim Milazzo…

Damion Lupo: Ultimate Freedom Is When You Trust Yourself. From millionaire to 7 figure debt & back to the lime light.

Damion Lupo founder of Total Control Financial

An entrepreneur at heart, Damion Lupo started his first business at age 11 and has started 30 more since. Founder of his own martial art, Yokido ™, and holder of three other black belts, Damion paid for his first rental house with a VISA, bought 150 houses in seven states over the next five years.…

Jesse Mecham: Selling a Budget Spreadsheet, Out of Necessity, to a $4 Million Dollar Business,

Jesse Mecham, founder of You Need A Budget (dot) com

Jesse Mecham was looking for a way to cover his rent expense, as he and his wife got their first baby. “Maybe I can sell my budgeting spreadsheet” … Jesse’s journey from a spreadsheet to YNAB, a $4 mill a year subscription business. Out of necessity, an amazing product was born, “You Need A Budget” which helps…

Ruston Miles: Stop overanalyzing, make the “jump” and start implementing

Ruston Miles, founder of Bluefin Payment Systems

Ruston’s journey is a phenomenal entrepreneurial inspiration, from taking a job as a telemarketer, as a teenager to deal with his stuttering, sold music equipment for $250.000 at age 16 and founded Bluefin Payment Systems, in 2002 which became #5 on Inc 500 fastest growing companies in 2012. Ruston Miles is the founder of Bluefin…

Soren Nielsen – Creating a dream, the first digital piggy bank

Ep 008 soren nielsen

Learn how Søren Nielsen and 2 friends and co-founders of, Mads Tangel and Thomas Bjerring, discovered their entrepreneurial idea, waived goodbye to paycheck and embarked on a journey of uncertainty, always in doubt and always out of their comfort zone. How they stayed committed and learned how to deal with the massive emotional ups…