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Chris Marr: Get Paid! You can’t pay bills with smiles and rainbows.

Chris Marr, founder of Content Marketing Academy

At his low point, $1.000 in debt, Chris Marr realized the importance of getting paid by his clients and making sure that happened. Chris is the founder of Content Marketing Academy, where he is offering consulting, Content Marketing workshops, group coaching, Email marketing consulting, a 10 days free content marketing crash course plus a full blown…

Derek Lundsten: Be obsessive about work and connecting with customers

Derek Lundsten

How being obsessive with connecting with customers and work every day helped this millenial create 3 successful businesses and how ideas for more are flowing like a water-fall. Derek Lundsten is the founder of several of  several companies such as “Improving Connections”, The Client Counsel, which helps clients connect with their customers and grow their business.…

Olga Szakal: From $400 to a million. How to Chutzpah with Olga Szakal

Olga Szakal founder of

Born in Siberia she visualized a better life, which brought her to America with $400 in her pocket. Despite a divorce, losing her parents and alone with 4 children, she built her life and business. Today’s Olga Szakal is a millionaire. Here is her amazing story and how she got mentored by Patrick Bet David.…

Paul Maskill, Mr. How-to-scale-your-business, from employment to 4 franchises.

Paul Maskill

How Paul Maskill built and scaled a franchise, offering after school sports enrichment program for kids, to 4 franchises and eventually sold it for a nice profit. Today’s guest headed straight to cubicle nation after graduation. Successful but discouraged, he fled to South America for a couple of months, while researching options for home based businesses.…

Joshua Spodek: SIDCHA, self awareness and “Do-ing”, is the path to entrepreneurship

Joshua Spodek

Joshua helps put an end to shiny object syndrome and becoming who you want to be, but it requires that you start “doing” as you say you will.   SIDCHA – The Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activity   Leadership and Entrepreneurship Requires Getting in the Trenches and Doing, Not Just Learning. – Joshua Spodek   co-founded…