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John Lee Dumas: From Zero to 10 Mill in 5 Years “Stay on ONE course until successful”

John Leed Dumas, founder & host of EO Fire podcast

John Lee Dumas is a bonified serial entrepreneur who started podcasting in 2013 and now one of the biggest podcasts around. He has since then created products to help his audience reach their number one goal such as Freedom Journal, courses for creating your own podcast and webinar, co-owner of and more to come. He quit…

Mark Podolsky: From Friday Blues to an amazing recurring income business, trading raw land

Mark Podolsky founder of The Land Geek

Mark J. Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek) is widely considered one of the most trusted and foremost authority on buying and selling raw, undeveloped land within the United States. Mark has completed over 5,000 unique transactions since 2001, ONE deal a day for every day of the week for the past 15 years. He contributes his success…

Chris Marr: Get Paid! You can’t pay bills with smiles and rainbows.

Chris Marr, founder of Content Marketing Academy

At his low point, $1.000 in debt, Chris Marr realized the importance of getting paid by his clients and making sure that happened. Chris is the founder of Content Marketing Academy, where he is offering consulting, Content Marketing workshops, group coaching, Email marketing consulting, a 10 days free content marketing crash course plus a full blown…

Derek Lundsten: Be obsessive about work and connecting with customers

Derek Lundsten

How being obsessive with connecting with customers and work every day helped this millenial create 3 successful businesses and how ideas for more are flowing like a water-fall. Derek Lundsten is the founder of several of  several companies such as “Improving Connections”, The Client Counsel, which helps clients connect with their customers and grow their business.…

Olga Szakal: From $400 to a million. How to Chutzpah with Olga Szakal

Olga Szakal founder of

Born in Siberia she visualized a better life, which brought her to America with $400 in her pocket. Despite a divorce, losing her parents and alone with 4 children, she built her life and business. Today’s Olga Szakal is a millionaire. Here is her amazing story and how she got mentored by Patrick Bet David.…