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Matt Young: Dedicated to increasing Fitness Literacy & fixing the childhood obesity epidemic

Matt Young, founder of and

Matt Young is on an impressive mission of fixing the child obesity epidemic and raising the bar for Fitness Literacy in schools, sports clubs and communities internationally. He is an author, founder of many fitness and health organizations, Guinness World record holder, and winner of Vancouver’s top 40 under 40 in business Matt Young is the…

Tyler Basu: The approach to lifestyle design, accept setbacks and enjoy the journey

Tyler Basu, founder of Lifestyle Business Mag

From age 17 Tyler Basu was wondering what he wanted to do for a living and as a means to find out, he worked a dusin different job, learning from the best in the industry, and coupled with his remarkable persistence, Tyler has arrived. Tyler is the founder and editor of Lifestyle Business Magazine, a…

Chris Marr: Get Paid! You can’t pay bills with smiles and rainbows.

Chris Marr, founder of Content Marketing Academy

At his low point, $1.000 in debt, Chris Marr realized the importance of getting paid by his clients and making sure that happened. Chris is the founder of Content Marketing Academy, where he is offering consulting, Content Marketing workshops, group coaching, Email marketing consulting, a 10 days free content marketing crash course plus a full blown…

Nitin Chhoda: Arrived penniless in 2002, prepared for the worst, Nitin now owns 4 multi million dollar businesses.

Nitin Chhoda, founder Total Activation

Nitin Chhoda arrived in the US in 2002, penniless, in a post 9-11 world. To make ends mean he started delivering pizza, sleeping in his car, and didn’t have money for winter clothes. Today, 15 years later, Nitin is the founder of both Total Activation, a skin care, and nutrition line and 3 other businesses and in total…

Matt Miller: The journey from ONE $36 vending machine to a multi-million dollar nation-wide franchise

Matt Miller, founder School Spirit Vending

Matt Miller is the founder of School Spirit Vending, a franchise program that provides a  profitable business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income. He started his business after a conversation with a church friend when home bought a used vending machine and started visiting venues to place his newly acquired vending machine.…