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Alex Brooks, persistence personified. From idea to a bootstrapped business Intelligence startup

Alex Brooks, founder of

The new image of “persistence”. How Alex Brooks, despite adversity and his family losing their house during the depression in Detroit, managed to push forward and see the opportunities. With an innate and relentless persistence, some help from good people and mentors, Alex has shaped life to fit his wants and started his own business…

Ruston Miles: Stop overanalyzing, make the “jump” and start implementing

Ruston Miles, founder of Bluefin Payment Systems

Ruston’s journey is a phenomenal entrepreneurial inspiration, from taking a job as a telemarketer, as a teenager to deal with his stuttering, sold music equipment for $250.000 at age 16 and founded Bluefin Payment Systems, in 2002 which became #5 on Inc 500 fastest growing companies in 2012. Ruston Miles is the founder of Bluefin…

Peter Ramsey (24): Laughed out by Customers, out of cash and now successful in 350 cities.

Peter Ramsey

How Peter Ramsey got laughed out of the office by customers when presenting their property review service for tenants, landlords and agencies, ran out of cash. Stubborn and relentlessly persistent, is now victoriously  the most used rating service in 350 cities across UK and Peter Ramsey now one of top entrepreneurs to follow in…

Derek Lundsten: Be obsessive about work and connecting with customers

Derek Lundsten

How being obsessive with connecting with customers and work every day helped this millenial create 3 successful businesses and how ideas for more are flowing like a water-fall. Derek Lundsten is the founder of several of  several companies such as “Improving Connections”, The Client Counsel, which helps clients connect with their customers and grow their business.…

Morten Middelfart: How love for Business Intelligence, Palm Trees & Skydiving created a serial entrepreneur & dream life

Morten Middelfart founder of

Morten Middelfart has built several businesses: SocialQuant a tool that helps you maximize your social reach on Twitter and Morton Systems Unlimited, an Investment company focused on investing in businesses related to Big Data, Data Mining, and intelligent algorithms. He is also the CIO of Genomic Expression Inc. which helps find the best match between…