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Morten Middelfart: How love for Business Intelligence, Palm Trees & Skydiving created a serial entrepreneur & dream life

Morten Middelfart founder of

Morten Middelfart has built several businesses: SocialQuant a tool that helps you maximize your social reach on Twitter and Morton Systems Unlimited, an Investment company focused on investing in businesses related to Big Data, Data Mining, and intelligent algorithms. He is also the CIO of Genomic Expression Inc. which helps find the best match between…

Soren Nielsen – Creating a dream, the first digital piggy bank

Ep 008 soren nielsen

Learn how Søren Nielsen and 2 friends and co-founders of, Mads Tangel and Thomas Bjerring, discovered their entrepreneurial idea, waived goodbye to paycheck and embarked on a journey of uncertainty, always in doubt and always out of their comfort zone. How they stayed committed and learned how to deal with the massive emotional ups…