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Chris Marr: Get Paid! You can’t pay bills with smiles and rainbows.

Chris Marr, founder of Content Marketing Academy

At his low point, $1.000 in debt, Chris Marr realized the importance of getting paid by his clients and making sure that happened.

Chris is the founder of Content Marketing Academy, where he is offering consulting, Content Marketing workshops, group coaching, Email marketing consulting, a 10 days free content marketing crash course plus a full blown Content Marketing Academy and CMA Live events.





What you will learn

  • How Chris went from 10 years in hospitality to Content Marketing and founding Content Marketing Academy.
  • How Chris emerged himself in the topic of Content Marketing, consumed all content from the 5 content marketing experts that he wanted to emulate and who they are.
  • How Content Marketing Academy changed from an agency and consultancy to a subscription and membership and learning academy.
  • How Chris helps clients make sure not only to deliver value but to get paid as well, and the positive effect it generates for Content Marketing Academy.
  • How Chris went from general digital agency to a very narrow content marketing academy.
  • How Chris is bringing up “Price” and putting systems in place to make sure his business gets paid.
  • The business ideas that Chris started and tested before settling on Content Marketing Academy, how it started as a consultancy and ended up as a training academy.
  • How Chris used Business Model Canvas to design Content Marketing Academy as it looks today.
  • How borrowing GBP 1.000 from his mom was the lowest point and made it crystal clear that he was responsible for getting paid.
  • How Chris created a relationship with the major content marketing influencers.
  • Chris new business partner, Marcus Sheridan and the product they are building.
  • How Chris is traveling the world to make sure he attends the events with people who are where he want’s be.




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Business Model Canvas

BOOK Marcus Sheridan, They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer

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