Chris Strub: I’m here! “50 states in 100 days”, empowering non-profits, Raising $4,5 mill in 24 hrs with Live Streaming.

Chris Strub author of "I'm Here" and founder of

How nonprofit organizations are using Social Media and Live Streaming for the benefit of local communities with the help of Chris Strub.

Louisville Kentucky, “Community Foundation of Louisville 24 hour online day”,  of giving raising 4,6 mill. for more than 500 non-profits.

Social Media and live streaming with real impact, to raise money for “BIG brothers, BIG sisters”. Live Streaming is not just a toy, it can be used for good things. That is what Chris Strub’s Course.



What you will learn

How Chris is definitely a better driver after visiting 50 states twice 😃

  • Chris earned a Masters in Travel and Voluntarism.
  • From an advertising director in NYC to traveling 50 states, connecting with youth communities and non-profit organizations around the country.
  • To Chris, this is no longer his trip but “our” trip.
  • Why Chris was inspired by Mark K. DJ in Jacksonville “Talk and Snap” focusing on community heroes.
  • How Chris just got started and figured out his purpose on-route.
  • Visiting 50 states can be intimidating, but Chris just focused on ONE state at the time, as with any entrepreneurial journey.
  • How Chris managed the trip financially, which amounted to around $12.000
  • Pushing through car break-downs and mental struggles is one of the biggest victories of the trip.
  • The help of people on-route, the gratitude of people who Chris helped on the trip, is all part of the amazing personal growth and mental barrier breakthroughs
  • People have been driving 100 miles, in the early morning rain, just to say “hello” to Chris Strub.
  • We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.
  • Chris favorite 5 people are spread across America and none of them have meat each other.
  • How non-profit organizations are using Social Media and Live Streaming for the benefit of local communities with the help of Chris Strub.
  • Decide who your audience is, connect and have a conversation.
  • We get intimidated by YouTune and sharing our voice and image but we are really just having a conversation not to become famous.

Creating an income

Make sure it’s easy for people to HELP you.
  • How Chris wrote the book “I’m Here”, had readers make video recommendation of the book.
  • How Chris consult for non-profit organizations, coaching them on using Live Streaming to collect donations.
  • Now Chris has created a course helping non-profit organizations at large and helps pay the bills for Chris that allows him to continue helping non-profits.
  • How Chris wish he would have jumped into traveling across the states and entrepreneurship earlier.
  • Chris is awesome at doing graphics, and so because he spends years in the newspaper industry. Things take time.
  • It took Chris procrastinated for ONE year from deciding to take the trip across 50 states until it actually happened.
  • Quitting his job as advertising director, was hard, trying to explain taking a trip solo across America instead.
  • You can’t this about it this way, you got to think about YOU, you are in charge of YOU and your dreams.
  • 99-1 rule. 99% of people listening or watching will not comment or like, but they will be impacted.



What’s next for Chris Strub

A big contract with a BIG nationwide non-profit organization.





Resources Mentioned

Chris’ Book on Amazon HERE 50 States, 100 Days: The Book

Chris Strub’s amazing online courses on Live Stream Academy & Live Streaming for NonProfits HERE

a must if you are looking to connect with your audience and become an influencer



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