Corey Philip: The Key Things to Master if Your Want A Thriving Home Service Business

Corey Philip founder of and

Today’s guest is Corey Philip. Corey is a home service industry entrepreneur and the founder of — an online resource focused on the growth and marketing of businesses in the trades.

In this episode, we are talking about how to compete against big-name competitors who have commoditized home service, how to stop ringing doorbells and get a steady influx of new customers.



What you will learn

  • What lead Corey to start a service business at age 21
  • Why Corey decided on a home service business
  • How absent structure and process was the cause of major frustrations
  • The major hurdles to overcome in the home service industry.
  • How to reach out to get a mentor and how it can boost your business
  • How describing your customer in details helped Corey narrow down his services offered in his home service business.
  • Why considering a narrow set of services, be aware of who your customers should be and have easy a service can be communicated and sold.
  • Getting hiring and retention of staff under control and why this is paramount in a home service business.
  • The best way to get customer referrals
  • The sales-and-close process that Corey developed that drive constant leads and sales for his home service business (“sales-process-on-a-tablet” that tell the company story).
  • How Corey is using Facebook Ads to build a constant influx of leads that has enabled him to scale his business to multiple locations.



Resources mentioned in this episode

[InfoGraphic] The Valve Stem Sales Strategy: Close More Sales Using Story & Trust, Without Sales Tactics
Corey’s Formula For Facebook Advertising for home service businesses



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