Damion Lupo: Ultimate Freedom Is When You Trust Yourself. From millionaire to 7 figure debt & back to the lime light.

Damion Lupo founder of Total Control Financial
An entrepreneur at heart, Damion Lupo started his first business at age 11 and has started 30 more since.
Founder of his own martial art, Yokido ™, and holder of three other black belts,
Damion paid for his first rental house with a VISA, bought 150 houses in seven states over the next five years.
From building a $5,000,000 net worth, a real estate meltdown in 2008 and $5 mill debt and now back.
Today Damion Lupo runs an Austin based FinTech dedicated to disrupting Wall Street by getting people off the Wall Street roller coaster and in control of their money and financial future.

What you will learn

  • How Damion is passing on his own experience of financial devastation by teaching his investment strategy, QRP (Qualified Retirement Plan) and being in control of your financials.
  • Investing in cryptocurrency.
  • How the financial industry is taking away 80% of our capital gains while the investor retains all the risk, and how Damiion is offering a plan to invest in assets we control our selves.
  • How Damion bounced back from losing millions of dollars in real-estate, to creating Total Control Financial.
  • Invest in your self, and financial literacy is step ONE. Download Damion’s free ebook to get started with controlling your financial future.
  • How Damion’s entrepreneurial career started at age 11 selling games, then started to buy real estate in his twenties and ended up with a real estate portfolio of $20.000.000.
  • How Damion’s ego was the core reason he lost his entire investment and how it changed his life, the years of devastation, pretending it didn’t happen, and the journey back to freedom and success.
  • How material controlled and consumed Damion before he realized that money is made up on only a side effect, not the goal.
  • How Damion’s focus today is providing value and giving back, through Total Control Financial.
  • How the last talk with his father, made Damion realize what his life mission was living without regret and find a way to help millions live the same way.

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To get Damion’s free QRP eBook: “Join the Financial Revolution today!”
  • Use your 401k/IRA to buy real estate
  • Protect your money from the guaranteed market crash
  • Benefit from tax-free and penalty-free rollovers
Download it here: totalcontrolfinancial.com

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