Dan Moyle: “Serve, Teach, Love People”, How to Get Started & Build an Inbound Marketing Team

Dan Moyle founder of The Inbound Marketing Evangelist
Dan Moyle is the founder of The Inbound Evangelist where he helps inspire people like you and me, to become better at engaging our customers and better marketers.
Dan can also be found behind the scenes at work with organizations like Talons Out Honor Flight and Interview Valet, where he helps build engaging marketing over interruptive advertising.
In this episode, we talk about getting past Inbound Marketing overwhelm, how to build an inbound marketing team.

What you will learn

  • How Dan found his calling in Inbound Marketing, honed his skills and success
  • How to get started with Inbound without overwhelm
  • The importance of the T-word, testing your Inbound marketing, Tweets, Instagram etc.
  • Why it’s important to focus on ONE channel at a time.
  • Build that Persona. How a well-described buyer persona will help you decide on the channel of choice and the messaging.
  • Building your email-list to educate your customers and build the list via Digital Guides … “How to guides”.
  • Understanding the role of social channels, website guides and email list in the bigger plan of driving leads.
  • Connecting with customers on Social Media is KEY. If you are there, then you need to reply and engage.
  • Understanding analytics tools available on the social tools are necessary for testing and improving and become confident and effective in our marketing.
  • Hiring help, like virtual assistants, will help us move a lot faster and achieve results, once we know how it works our selves.
  • How to build an inbound marketing team
  • The increasing importance of Podcasting and Video, Live Stream on Inbound Marketing.
  • Have patience building the skills in Inbound Marketing, whether it’s Tweeting, Podcasting, Video or writing Guides for your website.



Resources mentioned

How to found the new marketer to lead the revolution on Inbound

DOWNLOAD –http://Interviewvallet.com/soren


The Inbound Evangelist – theinboundevangelist.org

Talons Out Honor Flight website – talonsouthonorflight.org


Buyer Persona Template – https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/buyer-persona-research



Connect with Dan

The Inbound Evangelist – theinboundevangelist.org

Dan on Twitter – twitter.com/danmoyle

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