Darrah Brustein: From Laid-off to Creator of Network Under 40, Finance WhizKids & Speaker at Davos

Darrah Brustein founder Network Under 40

After multiple layoffs and crushing financial blows to her first business, Darrah focuses on developing a life and businesses that work together to create her personal version of success, freedom of time. Now she’s able to fit her work in-between her frequent travel and vacation schedule.





Darrah is a networker and “connector”. She loves joining people and make valuable introductions and has made a living out of it by founding Network Under 40, to help friends from college make friends in their young adult lives, which is now available in five states and more to come.

In 2009 she founded a merchant services brokerage with her twin brother to help connect businesses with the best credit card processing solution for their needs.

At this moment in time, Darrah has decided to help improve the financial literacy education for children, to start early at forming positive financial habits.

She authored a kids’ book series called Finance Whiz Kids …  and for that, she was invited to World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos to represent youth financial literacy.

Contributor on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., CNN Money



What you will learn

How Darrah’s desires to help connect and help has helped her create “Give it Forward”.

  • Are you a Giver, Matcher, or Taker
    • Givers give without the expectation of receiving
    • Matchers are giving in expectation to receive equal favors in return
    • Takers have no intention of giving back but only take.
  • How Darrah’s passion for “Connecting” people, networking and curiosity has led her starting her first company with her brother and later to starting Networking Under 40.
  • 3-4 years after starting her first business with her brother, she started to build a community for people to network, which later became a business and Network Under 40.
  • So keep the focus on ONE thing until successful before you consider other business ventures.
  • Network Under 40 was not created to become a business but only as help to friends and singles. Only because others were asking Darrah to extend the Network to other cities and states, did she start turning it into a business.
  • How Inc magazine had an article on Darrah’s event, people approached Darrah to create the event in other cities.
  • Darrah gave them the knowledge of how to do it … but people failed. So Darrah started to build the knowledge bank, documentation and training to help create a franchise and expand the network under 40.
    • Still failing, Darrah learned to vet people and get better employees
    • Eventually, Darrah managed to create 7 location and still growing
    • The goal is to have “Network Under 40” in 40 cities.
  • Accept that building a franchise like Network Under 40 takes time, progress comes in baby-steps.
  • Be open and say “YES”, which got Darrah the opportunity to accept a guest writer on Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine.





How Darrah creates structure to help support goals and lifestyle

  • Get enough sleep
  • Make sure you enjoy life and do other things like travel, be with friends, exercise etc.
  • Do the things that help preserve energy and excitement. It makes it easier to stay persistent.



Darrah’s guide to GOAL Setting

Darrah feels she is nerdy about Goal setting but here is what she does ONCE a year:

  1. In the month of November (Darrah’s Birthday month), she spends days on reflecting on the past 12 months and correlate results with goals. Everything she has learned and reflected upon is written in a long blog post and shared publicly. This helps with her accountability.
  2. She then sets goals for next year, and along with a plan. Writing down how she wants the years to “feel”, and narrate it into a story, helps her feel the coming year better. Sometimes she also creates a vision board.

Rather than goals on a piece of paper, Darrah writes it out as a story so the process becomes longer and more detailed which helps flood the subconsciousness with the images.



Whats next for Darrah?

Darrah feels the need for teaching more, how to become a person of value, help people build better networks, lifestyle design.





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