Dave Schneider: Creating NinjaOutreach, the Best Influencer Outreach Tool & How to Raise Prices

Dave Schneider founder NinjaOutreach.com
In 2012 Dave Schneider quit his corporate job to travel the world with his girlfriend.
To help fund the trip, they started a travel blog that, at its height, made five figures a month. Together, they visited over 40 countries across Asia, Europe, and Australia, and have been earning a living entirely online ever since.
In 2014, Dave founded NinjaOutreach which specializes in helping us entrepreneurs with blogger outreach and influencer marketing.
Today we are going to be talking with Dave about taking the leap to chase your dream, creating a product, the importance of co-founders, even if you’ve never actually met with them in person.

What you will learn

  • How Dave Schneider and his girlfriend funded their five-year world travel with a travel blog and later a SaaS product.
  • The challenges of being an entrepreneur and digital nomad at the same time.
  • How Dave prepared the leap to travel the World and create a steady income while traveling.
  • Why Dave transitioned from blogging to creating NinjaOutreach and how this was solving the business challenges that he had experienced as a blogger.
  • How Dave found his co-founder and created NinjaOutreach although they had never met in real life.
  • The pricing strategy Dave used when launching NinjaOutreach and how the SaaS tool developed rapidly over time.
  • What NinjaOutreach look liked at first and how it developed.
  • The benefits of A/B testing pricing and how to handle price increases.
  • Fixing the design, communication, and visuals to become a coherent fantastic brand.
  • How Dave went about validating NinjaOutreach with beta users and the challenges of validating a SaaS product.
  • Be cautious, success doesn’t happen overnight and building a product and profitability takes a lot of time, so be persistence and patient.

Connect with Dave Schneider

Visit Dave on https://daveschneider.me and download Dave’s 5 Growth Hacks that will move the needle for your startup, it’s FREE.
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