David Cancel: Why CRM and the Sales Funnel is Broken and how Drift is Bringing the Physical Face-to-Face Experience to the Online Store.

David Cancel founder drift.com

Today we are sharing the mic with David Cancel, founder of Drift, his 5 business. Before that David started several companies before selling Preformable to HubSpot in Boston, founded lookery, taking the role of Chef Product Owner. David has since poured out his experience with building companies over hundreds of startups and a good chunk of them later has been acquired.

Today we are going to talk about the outdated funnel and the new way of selling, the conversational and relationship building platform “Drift”.


What you will learn

  • How David Cancel has a strong bias for action “don’t overthink it”, just get going.
  • David tends to spend time around people who share his impatience and bias for action, he can’t be around people who enjoy discussing and evaluating thing for a lengthy time.
  • How Drift is a showdown of the old way of sales funnels and followup email and the new way of real-time customer relationship building.
  • Why CRM, sales funnels, and email flows are broken and deprive your customers and yourself of a real-time experience and connection, like the one you would have in a retail store.
  • How David perceives an online store just like a physical retail store, where you are able to chat and communicate with someone in real-time and build a connection.
  • Why pondering and day-dreaming is key to understand, reflect and get deep insight into solving problems for those you a dedicated to serving.
  • How pondering leads to testing, failing and succeeding via experimenting.
  • An advocate for falling in love with the problem, not the product, the product will change.
  • How SaaS has made a massive change from brands being in charge to consumers being in charge.
  • When consumer rally around a good experience provides the opportunity for the brand to leverage that relationship to offer additional services.
  • How software development today has the opportunity for intimate relationships with customers, which was never possible before, so use this enormous opportunity to connect with customers to understand the problem you are solving and produce happy successful customers.
  • How Drift.com now allows brands to communicate in real time with prospects and have a conversation, provide answers in real-time.
  • How you can interweave Account Based Marketing with Drift and enable you to be there and have the right account manager available when the top 10 or 20 prospect visits your website.
  • The amount of marketing cost savings and high conversion rate is phenomenal.
  • The use of Freemium (forever free) and how this adds to Drift’s growth.
  • How Drift validates a product and why it’s always based on the assumption of being wrong.
  • The instructing story on how Drift asked for payment before any code was created.
  • How Drift grew from 2 to 20 people, and from 20 to 50 people.
  • At Drift, David is involved in every hire which is heavily focused on the person, not the skills.
  • It’s all about the team, 99% people and 1% product and pricing.
  • The three key point to look for in a new hire and where the 10X returns can be found.
  • Why having a co-founder can be a big advantage.



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Visit Drift.com for a Forever Free Account and connect real time with your online prospects and customers


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