David Darmanin: How HotJar was Created Out of a Personal Experience and Frustration, the Struggles of Pricing, 10X Vision & Why HotJar had to Succeed.

David Darmanin, founder of HotJar www.hotjar.com
David Darmanin, CEO of Hotjar, an all-in-one analytics and feedback tool for your website.
Hotjar is a six-product suite I personally use in my own business and recommend to others. David’s background as an entrepreneur and conversion rate expert with a leading agency in the field gives him a lot to share with us on what works and what doesn’t.
He believes that most marketing best practices are pure bull and that you should avoid them at all costs.
We are going to be talking about life as an entrepreneur and building a product that people love, how to gain traction, price your product and spending a lot of time in the zone of discomfort.

What you will learn

  • How David started his entrepreneurial career.
  • The fundamental mistakes of David’s first online marketing tool.
  • How David’s first two projects was about building something that there was no real need.
  • Why targeting a big and existing market is key to success.
  • How HotJar was a solution to David’s challenge as a growth marketeer.
  • Why thinking big i necessary when you build the goal for your business.
  • Why spotting a great product idea often comes from a personal frustration or pain.
  • How HotJar was created. validated and created leads by building a simple landing page before creating the product.
  • Why thinking 10X is needed to create the excitement to stay persistent as a team.
  • Why taking advantage of beta-version where the friction for new customers are low and using organic social media is an option.
  • Why spending tie in Beta is really Important.
  • How David was waiting to see customers buying at launch day.
  • How David decided on the pricing and How Pricing was less important and speed of development was key.
  • Why HotJar had to be a success for David.
  • What leads to the confidence of the grand vision of HotJar, among the 5 co-founders.
  • How HotJar visualized the space (10.000 ft picture) compared to the competition and what it meant for the confidence in the product and business model.
  • Who David has surrounded himself with. Leadership Team Ken (digital nomad), Bill Masidis (Ex CMO Slack and Zendesk), co-founders of SaaStock (Alex Telma)
  • Why using best practice marketing is flawed and born to fail because it’s what everyone else is doing.
  • What major changes and new product features are coming to HotJar



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Death by Best Practice Marketing




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