Derek Lundsten: Be obsessive about work and connecting with customers

Derek Lundsten
How being obsessive with connecting with customers and work every day helped this millenial create 3 successful businesses and how ideas for more are flowing like a water-fall.
Derek Lundsten is the founder of several of  several companies such as “Improving Connections”, The Client Counsel, which helps clients connect with their customers and grow their business. Being a millennial him self, he founded 21Mill (, a mobile platform which helps millennial develop skills to accelerate their career on their terms.
In the few hours he has left in the day, he is the CEO of Scrimmage, that builds mobile learning platforms for people and companies in healthcare.




What you will learn

  • Work obsessively every day and be patient with achieving success – Derek Lundsten
  • How Derek didn’t feel he had a great idea and how it presented it self after years in the corporate world.
  • How ideas started to appear 10 times a day once he got started.
  • Derek’s WHY for starting his own business.
  • What freedom means for Derek and how that drives his energy to start several businesses.
  • How Derek started out by figuring it out and then take the learning to bigger goals.
  • How Derek challenges his fear to learn how to deal with fear on a daily basis.
  • How Derek surrounds him self with entrepreneurs and how he does it.
  • The many areas that Derek seeks mentors and networks.
  • The struggles Derek has been through and how he looks at the journey today.
  • What the hard realization we need to make before deciding on our entrepreneurial journey.





Connect with Derek Lundsten

Twitter – @derek_lundsten

Web – We Schrimmage

Web – 21Mill

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