Erica Blair: 10 Steps to Create Your Killer Personal Brand

Erica Blair 10 steps to a killer personal brand

Today we are talking to Erica Blair, brand strategist and digital nomad, who helps us stop over complicating things to build a personal brand around our unique skills, and how we can become location independent entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk with Erica Blair on how she has created her life as a digital nomad and how that allows her the freedom to travel the world and live on her own terms.



What you will learn

  • How Erica has shaped her business to the ability to travel and dedicate her time between Thailand and the USA, Colorado.
  • How Erica started her entrepreneurial career doing imports from Asia and selling Australia, which soon after lead to social media marketing and creating her social media marketing business.
  • Understanding her natural talent, applied with tactical business knowledge, learned on the way, helped Erica to focus and create her branding coaching.
  • How Erica sticks to what will work for her self, rather than get excited about what works for others.
  • Getting past the mental block that what we have to offer is not worth a lot of money …
  • Start with your target audience before creating a lot of content. Getting the clients from discovering you, to working with you.
  • Start by creating selling material and not freebee’s, get to revenue fast.
  • How our struggles with charging a reasonable price can be rooted in childhood and how we perceive our value and confidence. Shed those limiting beliefs.
  • Pricing is indicative of what people perceive of getting out of working with you.
  • Stop thinking about your service as a commodity, and start thinking of your service as a unique and high priced item.
  • How Erica is investing her time in mastermind groups where people are already investing in themselves and full of great client prospects.
  • Becoming who you want requires you to do it every day, even when you don’t feel like it, and most days you will not feel like it. Waiting around for inspirational moments will hamper you in your progress and your ability to reach your goals.




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