Gavin Zuchlinski: He Wanted to Kill Acuity Scheduling right before the Break-Through … Here is why he didn’t …

Gavin Zuchlinski, founder of Acuity Scheduling

Gavin Zuchlinski, the founder of Acuity Scheduling, got his idea in 2007 by trying to solve a problem for his mother and her physical therapy clinic.

Three years later, in 2010, he almost decided to kill the business to focus on the job he loved, then the break-through arrived and today Acuity Scheduling is the premier scheduling system and a million dollar business.

You gotta hear Gavin’s story here.



What You Will Learn

  • How Acuity Scheduling was created to help Gavin’s mom eliminate the horror around scheduling, rescheduling, canceling her massage therapy clients.
  • How 70% of Acuity Scheduling clients use the client payment collection via the platform, whether pre-selling and subscriptions.
  • 2007 moonlighting with Acuity Scheduling, just dabbling with getting more clients to see if the business could grow.
  • Loved his full-time job not really wanting to quit his job.
  • Why Gavin almost decided to shut down Acuity Scheduling in 2010, earning only” $5.000 / month.… pheeeew how lucky we are hi didn’t 😃
  • 2013 Gavin took Acuity Scheduling full-time and then at $20.000 a month, still the only full-time person in the company.
  • How Gavin build his business moonlighting, never risking anything, and now have sales of 6 figures plus a month.
  • How Gavin scaled his company adding technical staff and supporters working remote and everyone still having fun.
  • You really gotta listen to this:
    • What working with a distributed team has taught. Gavin
  • Gavin is raising the price by 50%, so signup NOW to get locked in at the old price. Oct 16th is the date guys and girls.
  • and signup for a $10 subscription to get locked in forever.
  • How Gavin started out by only offering “scheduling” … no “re-scheduling” or “cancelling”, just “scheduling”. So start simple, ship fast.
  • Support is KING when building a Saas/subscription business like Acuity Scheduling. Help people be successful from the beginning.
  • Finding the balance and the faith to delegate and hand over responsibility to new people to grow the company.





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