Glenn Rogers: Building a Business, not a Product, is the Key to Success of World Class SaaS Resource Scheduling tool

Glenn Rogers founder of Resource Scheduling Made Simple

Glenn Rogers is the founder and CEO of the startup Float, a tool that is being used by brands as big as NASA and Vice.

Glenn, originally from Melbourne, lived in New York for 7 years while building Float and now back in Australia.

He has a background in advertising, the co-founder of the studio Made for Humans who were acquired by Compass Inc in April 2015. He led digital accounts for Razorfish.

Today we are going to talk about creating the best resource scheduling tool on the planet and why the mindset of building something bigger than a product is key to achieving success as a SaaS entrepreneur.



What you will learn from Glenn Rogers

  • Why most startup SaaS entrepreneurs fail
  • The skill set we need as entrepreneurs to juggle building a SaaS business
  • Finding the co-founder of
  • The importance of starting with a problem you understand, “scratch your own itch”, when deciding on a product.
  • Creating the vision and initial customer validation of
  • The importance of shipping your product early to ensure the best product possible in the long-term
  • How float landed a big client early and how it helped develop the product into what it is today.
  • Who float was looking to when deciding on pricing, how pricing experimentation took place and the considerations along the way.
  • The challenges Float experience with the freemium model.
  • Why Glenn realized that he needs to progress from a product perspective to a building a business perspective.
  • The struggles that Glenn has experienced with Float.
  • Personal challenges that Glenn has gone through on the journey of creating Float, and it can be a huge challenge getting up every day keeping at it.



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