Hani Mourra: Created Four Successful SaaS Products Solving his own Business Challenges

ToE 078 Hani Mourra, founder repurpose.io, Simple Podcast Press

Today we are talking to Hani Mourra.
Hani knows the details of content sharing across many platforms and got a keen eye spotting the opportunities to help us content creators do it better, faster and more consistent so we improve our impact.

Hani Moura is the founder of Repurpose.io, Simple Podcast Press and Simple Social Press and today we are going to be talking about finding the idea, creating a product, a business and staying persistent.



What you will learn

  • A passion for video, video creation, video editing and video for marketing and creating digital products to solve a problem for others.
  • Hani has been teaching people about video editing through his website and video blogging.
  • Building a blog and email list but not really sure what to use it for and how to monetize it.
  • Scratching his own itch, solving the hassle of uploading to his website, then sharing it across channels with an embed code, which all seemed all too complicated Hani decided to solve this problem with his now four products.
  • The importance of just simplifying a process or tool is massively valuable as a product.
  • How Hani validated his first product, a WordPress plugin, via a podcaster’s facebook group, and got 20 people to use the product.
  • With 20 early customers using and giving feedback on the product, Hani knew he was on to something and was massively excited about finally having found something that 20 people loved.
  • Beta testers are important, so treat them really well.
  • The importance of having a vision for your product to avoid getting sidetracked by different customers different ideas for your product.
  • How Hani only opened up for 100 customers initially to control the product launch, bug fixing and monitoring the product and avoiding big disasters and ensuring happy clients.
  • How Hani used a contractor/freelancer to code the tool and just focusing on the usability and the solution design.
  • Testing different pricing structures of the WordPress plugins and evaluating it against the competition.
  • The importance of matching pricing, features and pricing groups right for your SaaS product. References made to PriceIntelligently.com
  • The Breakthrough, how Hani’s product for podcasters and audio files lead him to reach out to podcasters and was invited to a major podcast conference to present and brand his new product.
  • Customers became friends and Hani is now attending the conferences every year, and now got a booth to keep building relations with customers.
  • Hani is making an effort to show his face in relation to his products, showing his phone number, which is a major conversion rate booster.
  • You will always be afraid of setting the price too high and miss out, but be aware that the perception of the quality and value of your product is highly correlated with the price.
  • Learning how to pre-sell online before building the product.



Resources mentioned

To get an overview of all Hani’s awesome products for your video and audio content,

  • Repurpose.io
  • Simple Podcast Press
  • Simple Social Press

visit: www.hanimourra.com


Pricing testing and insight, visit:


(rebranding to www.ProfitWell.com)



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