Heini Zachariassen: Desire, persistence, focus & building the World’s best & biggest Wine APP, Vivino

Heini Zachariassen, founder Vivino, the World's largest wine APP
Heini Zachariassen is today’s guest, super entrepreneur, and founder of Vivino.com, the World’s biggest Wine APP.
Vivino set out to be the best and largest among 600+ other wine apps. Today Vivino contains 12 million different wines in total. Half a million bottles of wine scanned and 125.000 ratings completed every single day. Last year alone $40 mill of wine was bought via the APP.
Before starting Vivino, Heini was CEO of BullGuard antivirus software and the experience has proven vital to the success Heini, his co-founder Theis Søndergaard and the Vivino team experience today.
With more than $35 mill in funding, $40 mill in wine sales, 85 employees, offices in the USA, Denmark, Italy, U.K., India, Ukraine and Spain, Vivino is also on the path of becoming the World’s largest wine seller.
In this episode, we talk about what made Vivino #1, ahead of 600 other wine apps, the story behind how Vivino got started and grew to what it is today.


What you will learn

  • The vision for Vivino and what triggered Heini to start the World’s largest wine APP.
  • What is next for Vivino
  • How Vivino got started building the World’s largest wine database…
  • You have to be a bit naive when starting something as
  • How Vivino surpassed 600 other wine app’s to become the #1 Wine APP in the World.
  • How Vivino is changing the success, experience and willingness to experiment with wine users get from using the APP.
  • How Vivino hit the right timing on a lot of different technical aspects, and key for the success the APP enjoys today.
  • Scary moments on Vivino’s journey that you need to be prepared for.
  • How to scale your mindset to think bigger and become the best in the World.
  • The importance of persistence and stamina when building a new business.
  • How Heini is very focused on build network in the entrepreneurial space to be among people who have been where Heini is going.


You can’t do this alone, you have to have great people around you that can help move you in the right direction. – Heini



  • The importance of prioritization and how Heini prioritize elements in his life.
  • If you want it bad enough, if you are able to make the hard decisions of what you chose to do and NOT to do, persistence and stamina, you will have the basic characteristics needed for entrepreneurship.


If you are standing in the supermarket or wine store staring at the endless selection of wine, or at a restaurant, looking at the wine menu, Vivino is the help we need to narrow down the choices and ensure that the bottle we select is going to leave us with a good experience.

Download the free APP that will help you remove overwhelm, select great wine and leave you with lots of great wine experiences to come.

Website – Vivino.com

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