Shana & Derric Haynie Rocks! How they are building an amazing social media agency

Derric Haynie & Shana Haynie

How Derric Haynie and his wife, Shana Haynie, has spent three years, $150K and pivoted twice before arriving at a profitable social media marketing agency, Vulpine Interactive.



Vulpine Interactive helps clients content “shine”, build their brand and lasting relationships with their customers.


Today’s two guests, Shana and Derric Haynie, are partners in life and both founders of two digital marketing agency’s, the first SplashOPM and Splash U, which is now rebranded as Vulpine Interactive, which helps entrepreneurs build contagious brands and create passionate fans with killer social media strategy. The reason for the change we will cover in just a little bit.

Derric Haynie is an ex-pro poker player for 10 years, author of the book “Quantum Poker”, Poker Coach for many different poker players. At the age of five, he made money from mowing lawns in the neighborhood.

Shana Haynie is a creative woman with a degree in Fine Arts and long background in digital marketing, art painting Artworks by Shana (twitter and facebook). You can pick up the links in the show notes.




What you will learn

  • How Vulpine is successfully building brand and customer relations for clients
  • How poker strategy and a creative mind have been key to building a digital agency.
  • How their first online art business flopped and why.
  • How their first digital agency didn’t take off and how they transitioned into their current agency and what they learned.
  • Finding their way to a scalable product.
  • How Derric and Shana narrowed their service offering and eliminate everything else to stay focused and able to scale.
  • How Derric and Shana are generating income in Vulpine.
  • How documenting agency delivery process helps stay focused and profitable.
  • Why Derric and Shana decided to start their own business.
  • How Derric & Shana’s have a big ambition and making an impact by making successful businesses.
  • How being two founders helps tremendously in support, dealing stress, productivity and sharing roles in the business.
  • Niche down until it hurts, in your agency service offering. You can’t scale a business with multiple products, with only one or two people.
  • How Vulpine Interactive is still closing the majority of their business via face-to-face meetings, although leads are generated online and via conferences.
  • I thought poker was going to be more stressful than running a business. The fear of not being able to pay salaries is a far greater stress







You can not approach entrepreneurship dabbling or dipping your toes, you will fail.

How to learn as fast as possible




Finding the right source of information and advice is very important. Who are the people who have been where you are going, that you need to talk to?


What “confusion” and “frustration” really means:
Confusion = You are learning something new
Frustration = Is an oncoming breakthrough

So now you will you have a more excited feeling of experiencing “confusion” and “frustration”?
– I do 🙂



Website: Vulpine Interactive, best social media branding agency around

Check out Derric’s the NEW book “Playing your business like a poker player”, a great guide for entrepreneurs to run a better business and achieve their goal with higher certainty.

How To Learn In 2 Days What Normally Takes 6 Months, Benjamin P Hardy


Connect with Shana & Derric Haynie

Facebook –

Derric on Twitter @Sixpeppers
Shana on Twitter @ArtworksByShana
Vulpine on Twitter @vulpineinteract


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