How Marty Vids was serving customers at 7, used standup comedy to curb fear and build 4 businesses

Ep 012 Marty Vids Show

, when he challenged himself by doing standup comedy


Marty Vids loves people and business. He is an innovator, mentor and leader in small business in Australia.

Marty Vids has helped build not one but three personal finance and mortgage brokerage businesses, each one achieving more than 1 mill AUD/ year in sales.

Working in a convenience store at age 7 taught him the essence of people, money and good business.

At the age of 17, he did stand-up comedy, as a means to overcome fear and was encouraged by the famous actor Eric Bana with invaluable advice.

He is now a leader and business mentor and a host of The Marty Vids Show (– Where interesting people do remarkable things.


In today’s episode, you will learn how your mindset and use of mentors can drastically impact your ability to overcome hurdles and achieve your goals in life. You will also learn how to grow your business to the next level.


Some questions I ask:

  • How do you create an income in your podcast and coaching business today?
  • How did you get introduced to the entrepreneurial lifestyle?
  • How do you scale a mortgage broker business, when most brokers run a personal business?
  • How did you market and attract client leads for your mortgage business?
  • What is a good vs a less good client?
  • Where to snag leads.
  • Has the entrepreneurial journey been worth it?


What you will learn:

  • What a mortgage broker is and how that creates business income.
  • How Marty has built 3 mortgage broking firms helping clients with a better financial life.
  • How serving customers in his parent’s convenience store taught
  • Marty, at the age of 7, to run a business.
  • How Marty used Standup Comedy to deal with fear, at age 17.
  • How Marty got encouraged and motivated by the actor Eric Bana at his standup comedy gig and got comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • How Marty deliberately builds long term relationships and provide value for his clients and relationships, with a perspective of relationships lasting for 15 years plus.
  • How to scale a mortgage broker business from a one person company to 15-20 agents.
  • How face-to-face and phone calls is still key to build actual relationships.
  • The profile of a great client profile.
  • Where to look for great clients and get referrals.
  • What to be aware of before you embark on an entrepreneurial journey.
  • How to control FEAR and DOUBT.
  • How Marty is using 5 different mentors in his life and how he approached his mentors.



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