Matt Inglot, from losing money to a masterpiece web agency

Ep 010 Matt Inglot
Matt Inglot is the owner of a web agency called
He is also the founder of the podcast and website where he helps people transform their agencies into more profitable and fulfilling businesses.
With 11 years of running, he knows what he is talking about and his eagerness to help others, who are now in the situation that he once was, is why he created
In today’s episode, we will learn how you can avoid working yourself into a burnout, which is how a lot of freelancers start out.
It doesn’t have to be like that, and today you will learn how to run a far more profitable agency and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Som questions I ask:

  • Why start in business for yourself, what was the dream?
  • How did you start your own agency?
  • What are the key learnings of running a web agency, where you don’t work yourself to a burnout?
  • What clients should we or should we NOT pitch to?
  • How do we avoid trading hours for dollars as the agency owners?
  • What is it we need to make scalable in an agency, and how do you go about that?
    What is your role in the business today?


What you will learn:

  • How Matt at first burned all his entire investment, before he found a way to profitability grow his web agency.
  • How to build a profitable web agency and avoid losing thousands of dollars. When is the right time to scale your business?
  • The specific income streams in Matt web agency and freelance support business
  • How Matt manage to run freelance transformation and tilted pixel at the same time.
  • The opportunity cost of closing the wrong clients, and how Matt would start a web agency today.
  • How to find the right clients.
  • Why you should only offer ONE service at the beginning of your new agency business.
  • How to avoid exchange your time for money and loose out as you become more efficient.
  • The importance of finding mentors and business owners who have already created a business like the one you are trying to create.
  • When to scale your business, when to hire contractors and when to hire employees?



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