Jamie Irvine: How to build a contracting business with operational systems and managing it virtually

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Today’s guest is Jamie Irvine, the founder of Irvine Sales & Service Contracting, which he builds up, after failing with his first entrepreneurial business, that had left him with only $700 dollars on his pocket to pay monthly expenses.
After years of hard work building operational and marketing systems into his contracting business, he and his family were able to fulfill a dream of moving thousands of kilometers back to their relatives and eventually sold the business for a 6 figure amount.

Jamie is the author of the Blueprint of Greatness and host of “The Jamie Irvine Podcast for Entrepreneurs”.

Today we are going to talk about where he is giving back to entrepreneurs on how to build systems into your business, to make the success of your business less dependent on you.



What you will learn

  • Jaimie Irvine journey from no clients, spend all his savings, disillusioned, not knowing what to do.
  • How the contracting job Jaimie was taking to pay for his livelihood was pure survival but ended up becoming Jamie’s next business.
  • How Jamie shut down the consulting business, to cleaning people facades and gutters, wondering how he had got himself into such a mess.
  • How we sometimes set our minds to a specific idea and product which is not working for us.
  • How Jamie realized that there was a major business opportunity in the contracting of cleaning facades and gutters, how people in the business was all “technician” and Jamie could manage the people, marketing, and sales.
  • From hiring two people to work in Jamie’s contracting business, to Jamie falling 20 ft off a building and almost died, and what happened next.
  • The importance of building systems into your business so that employees income, customers and family’s well being aren’t dependent on you.
  • Why being properly insured is important as an entrepreneur.
  • How to grow a contracting business with automated systems.
  • How Jamie worked on marketing system implementation, monitoring performance and perfecting the results.
  • The point where Jamie and his wife realized that they were never in the office and asked themselves “why can’t we move back to stay close to our relatives?”




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