Jarie Bolander: The Entrepreneur Ethos, How to Weather the Storm & Reach Your Dreams.

Jarie Bolander author The Entrepreneur Ethos and founder of Lab Sensor Solutions

Today’s guest is Jarie Bolander, founder of Lab Sensonsor Solutions and 20-plus-years entrepreneurial journey, which has given Jarie some very valuable lessons and insights that we are covering today.

Those lessons, additional research, and interviews with dozens of entrepreneurs form the basis of The Entrepreneur Ethos.

Some of these lessons and insights have been painful to learn.

Today Jarie Bolander is the co-founder of Lab Sensor Solutions, providing solutions to monitor and ensure the quality of the organ transportation and eventually people lives.



What you will learn

  • The reason for striving for High Ethics, Resilient and being Inclusive.
  • We can’t make it on our own, we need help, so be kind, respectful and inclusive of others.
  • Jarie’s journey from corporate America to an entrepreneurial path.
  • How Jarie started consulting for startups and in the process realized he should be building his own products.
  • Build products in the healthcare industry and worked in the first DNA sequencing semiconductor platform.
  • How Jarie’s BIG “WHY” is about solving the health care problems he comes across in the desire to put his dent in the Universe and save lives.
  • From building the technical solution for tracking every blood tubes in the world, running out of cash, to discovering the idea for Lab Sensor Solutions while visiting a Lab.
  • From 4 years in the healthcare industry and a failing company to a side gig which then turned out to become Lab Sensor Solutions and the success, it is today.
  • You have to know the details of a industry, business or process to spot the problems and opportunities and spend the time becoming a mile deep. It takes time.
  • Crossover, the knowledge and solutions from an industry you know well and apply this to another industry.
  • How Jarie picked up the idea from a company that had been unsuccessful in developing the solution. He took over the product and landed the company as the first customer.
  • How a nimble startup always has the upside, agility, and speed over a large industry leader.
  • A propensity to Action, Persistence, and showing up every day. If you have it, you will succeed.

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The Entrepreneur Ethos by Jarie Bolander

The Entrepreneur Ethos by Jarie Bolander

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