Jeff Piersall: Ten (10) Core Principles to Help You Unblock & Create a Successful Life.

Jeff Piersall founder of SCB Marketing

Jeff Piersall is the founder and CEO of SCB Marketing. His entrepreneurial pursuits have been recognized as Business of the Year by Brevard County, INC. 500 Fastest Growth Companies, Grow FL “Top 50 Companies to Watch” and the Boy Scouts Golden Eagle Award.

As a former award-winning college basketball coach, Jeff was presented the Atlanta Tip-O Club Coach of the Year.

Today we’ll be talking about Jeff Piersall’s new book “Dogs don’t Bark at Parked Cars”, a book which he has co-authored with Eric WrightCEO of SCB Marketing, a book that contains Jeff’s 10 core principles that are the blocking and tackling of a successful life.


What you will learn

How Jeff is revisiting the vision for SCB Marketing every month to help invigorate the purpose and reason for the business.

10 Core timeless principles as mentioned in “Dogs don’t Bark at Parked Cars”

  1. Foundation of trust
  2. Relational priority
  3. Diversity of expression
  4. Influence
  5. Significance of synergy
  6. Prevailing vision
  7. Process orientation
  8. Validating desire
  9. Life is natural and spiritual
  10. Building a legacy

One virtue you must have “Courage”


  • How Jeff validated the unique service of SCB Marketing via network and outstanding business owners and how they helped to bluntly point Jeff’s strengths, weaknesses
  • One thing clients miss most time is a solid sales and marketing plan targeted at the “dream customers”, which means they miss fundamental parts of sales and marketing.
  • You HAVE to be able to proficiently perform all the fundamentals of sales and marketing to be successful. It’s hard, it takes time but it absolutely critical.
  • Niche down and narrow in so that you make absolutely sure that you focus on ONE Thing and make you make it works.
  • We talk about who those people are that you need to surround your self with and how to approach them.
  • STOP hiring like-minded people who share the same ideas as you, you have to find people who challenge your ideas and cover your blind spots.
  • The importance of providing structure for your employees.
  • The Madness Stage, the point of transition where you are scaling your business and how to do this.
  • How Jeff and SCB Marketing is creating revenue beyond billing hours.
  • Don’t bill by the hour if the value you deliver requires 3 months work. Define an outcome and a timeframe to set expectations right, with the customers and bill according to that.
  • How Jeff grew his business for 3 straight years but it too 3 years to generate $1 mil a year and still struggling, in year four we jumped to $1.8 mil.
    Test your ideas, make mistakes … just don’t make the same mistakes twice.



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Book by Jay Samit: “Disrupt You!”



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