Jeremy Ryan Slate: How podcasting built his network and business

Jeremy Ryan Slate on Tribe of Entrepreneurs

Using a podcast to create a network and build your business

In this episode, you will learn how Jeremy Slate eventually pushed through his fear of starting his entrepreneurial journey and how his podcast and amazing networking skills helped him create his own life.
Jeremy has been a teacher, personal trainer, and marketer. Working hard, sometimes two jobs at the same time, he reached the level of burned out.
Determined to create a better life for himself, he started a PodCast called “Create Your Own Life” in 2015, which got 10.000 downloads in the first month.
Aside from his PodCast, he is generating income from 2 other products, and
He found his unique skill in marketing and is excellent in building systems into his business and the team, which allows him the freedom he is looking for.
He is a networker extraordinaire and gives back in a BIG way to everyone in his path, by helping them achieve THE life they want through his podcast and products.
He has written for Inc. magazine, The Huffington Post, and featured on TV and much more.


Some questions I ask:

  • How did you combat your fear and self-doubt that made you take action?
  • Did you have a full-time job when you started your business or did you go full-time from the beginning?
  • What caused you to eventually launch entrepreneurial journey.
  • What did you do to build automation into your business?
  • Has the podcast been the source of revenue for your other businesses?
  • Do you have a daily routine that contributes to your success?
  • What is your reading habit?
  • How do you network?


What you will learn:

  • How Jeremy started his entrepreneurial career as a side gig while working as a freelancer.
  • Why clients started to approach Jeremy to get featured on podcasts and how this turned into a business.
  • The many skills Jeremy had to learn before he succeeded as podcaster and entrepreneur.
  • What eventually pushed Jeremy past his fear and got started on his entrepreneurial journey.
  • How podcasting changed Jeremy’s life and gave the feeling of being able to help others, which is the true feeling of success.
  • How Jeremy grew his business by acknowledging his natural skills
  • The importance of quality guests on your podcast.
  • How networking helped build brand ambassadors and business leads.
  • Jeremy daily routine and eating habits that he can’t do without.
  • What drives revenue and only focus on that




Book: Be obsessed or be average: Grant Cardone



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