Jesse Mecham: Selling a Budget Spreadsheet, Out of Necessity, to a $4 Million Dollar Business,

Jesse Mecham, founder of You Need A Budget (dot) com

Jesse Mecham was looking for a way to cover his rent expense, as he and his wife got their first baby. “Maybe I can sell my budgeting spreadsheet” … Jesse’s journey from a spreadsheet to YNAB, a $4 mill a year subscription business.

Out of necessity, an amazing product was born, “You Need A Budget” which helps millions of people live a happier life, away from financial frustration, and a way to achieve their financial goals.

We’ll be talking about Jesse’s journey from selling a budgeting spreadsheet to a multi-million dollar easy to use complete budgeting tool, a $65.000 setback at the very beginning of the journey, pricing for success and growing a business with a  remote team.


ONE AWESOME episode with huge learnings we can all apply to take out the mystery en successful entrepreneurs.



What you will learn

  • How getting a baby and Jesse’s income as the only income, forced Jesse to find a solution to cover the rent.
  • How looking for an income made Jesse consider if his budgeting spreadsheet could generate an income.
  • How building a website with a PayPal button enabled Jesse to cover his rent cost in no time.
  • How you should set your pricing for a new product.
  • Be biased towards action, building and shipping your product.
  • Build and shipped the first version of in 9 months
  • How Jesse’s urge to release 2nd version for $65.000 but didn’t validate the quality and had to trash the investment.
  • How Jesse moonlighted for 5 years while working in accounting. Building the courage to quit his job and trust the steady income from, was a year-long struggle.
  • How a successful business owner convinced Jesse it was time to “jump” and go full time, and why …
  • How YNAB switched from perpetual license to subscription (Says) model, made YNAB cashflow negative, rode out the “storm” of growing subscription revenue to a huge success today.
  • Jesse enjoys books on Stoicism, meditation and only occasional business books.
  • Excited about scaling YNAB staff and voice activation and budgeting by voice.




Quotes by Jesse Mecham



Hard realisations




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