John Doherty: How John created the leading subscription based marketplace for finding the best SEO Experts for your project.

John Doherty founder

John Doherty, founder, and CEO of Credo, a marketplace for those who need an SEO or marketing provider.
From senior growth marketing manager at Trulia Rentals, overseeing SEO, email marketing, and native app growth, John Doherty has created one of the most specialized and successful subscription-based marketplaces for SEO experts.
Today we are going to be talking about creating a two-sided marketplace, the challenge of pricing the service and creating a business that fits your lifestyle



What you will learn from John Doherty

  • Why John has a significant edge in providing expert SEO resources for agencies, over general freelance and job agencies.
  • The challenges for growing a two-sided marketplace with SEO Freelancers and Agencies in need of SEO experts.
  • How John spotted the opportunity and got into being an agent providing SEO experts/agencies to companies across America.
  • Getting laid off from he full-time job lead John to go full time on
  • The process of creating a marketplace, receiving projects and email out to candidates to find the right and available resources.
  • Building relationships with demand side (agencies/companies) are the biggest challenge.
  • Being selective on which companies to serve so you make sure you are aiming for the high end of the market.
  • Curated candidates are absolutely critical for successfully serving high-end businesses for a premium, curation, curation, curation … it’s crucial to GetCredo’s brand and trust.
  • How the process of works finding the right agency and SEO experts for the company that contacts John at GetCredo.
  • Trail and Error on getting the pricing right for the service.
  • Making the Agencies more successful is John’s next steps.
  • The plan and design of going forward to suit John’s personal lifestyle.
  • How John makes sure he is operating within his zone of genius.
    Always be asking your self what needs to be delegated, what needs to be eliminated and what you love to do.
  • The importance of staying connected with your clients, understanding the value you deliver and the opportunities for what is next in your service.
  • How John stays in contact and expands his network.

Resources mentioned

The episode with Josh Haynam on operating in your zone of genius

Episode Pia Silva, founder of “Badass You Brand” on creating a service that fits your lifestyle.

Podcasts John listens to:

SPI Podcast / Pat Flynn

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