Josh Pigform: How Baremetrics was launched in 8 days and grew a business which now generates +$90K a month.

Josh Pigford founder of
Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics, which provides revenue and customer analytics for SaaS businesses whether you use Stripe, PayPal or other major Payment Providers.
Josh founded the company in Oct 2013, when he built and launched the first version of the product in just 8 days and within 8 weeks he was already doing about $2000 in monthly recurring revenue. In this episode, we explore how Josh took his business from $0 to $90,000 per month in recurring revenue.
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What you will learn

  • Why Baremetrics is a critical tool to helps subscription businesses (SaaS) spot churn, grow customer and revenue.
  • How Baremetrics was originally build to fix a problem in Josh’s first business.
  • The response from other entrepreneurs and network triggered Josh to launch his product and business Baremetrics.
  • Why keeping a keen eye on revenue, cash flow, and customer churn is CRUCIAL …
  • Building a business with a remote distributed team and what to look out for when hiring.

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