Leigh Martinuzzi: Adopting other peoples values will not make you happy, get your own & a life you love

Leigh Martinuzzi, founder The Hidden Why podcast

Leigh Martinuzzi left his executive lifestyle, sold everything they owned and moved to rural Japan to build the life he and his wife had designed.

Sound scary? Here is how they did it …


Leigh Martinuzzi is the founder of “the hidden why” podcast, motivational speaker and performance coach, author of “Four Pillars of Success”, “Delegate to Freedom”.

His audacious goal is to build schools in Africa, which we will hear more about during our interview.



After 10 years in different corporate senior executive positions for various multi-national companies such as ALDI and Masters, he realized that it wasn’t the life he wanted, got laid off, and began a journey for a better and more fulfilling life with his family.

What you will learn:

  • How Leigh has designed his life to focus on the things that bring him joy and growth.
  • Why Leigh thrust his own ability to make a living and how he has made multiple streams of income.
  • How Leigh’s interest in personal development and using virtual assistants lead Leigh to create a VA agency, “The Hidden WHY Guy” podcast, writing and coaching to help others find the path to a fulfilling lifestyle.
  • The 4 elements to look at when evaluating an idea for your next business to make sure it suits your lifestyle, that it excites you.
  • How desire and faith helped Leigh and his family design their new lifestyle, relocate to Japan and setup new streams of income … with faith, persistence and hard work you can do anything.
  • How Leigh realized his personal strengths and value to others and something you can copy immediately to find your own.
  • How Leigh and his family evaluated their values, lifestyle, and options between staying in Australia or moving to Japan. The same evaluation formula you can use to evaluate options in your own life options.
  • Leigh takes us through his new audacious 6 months project of funding schools in Africa.
  • Your “WHY” is key before starting your entrepreneurial journey.


Author of several books on personal transformation, goal setting, achieving success, all which you can get access to here:


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