Matt Miller: The journey from ONE $36 vending machine to a multi-million dollar nation-wide franchise

Matt Miller, founder School Spirit Vending

Matt Miller is the founder of School Spirit Vending, a franchise program that provides a  profitable business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income. He started his business after a conversation with a church friend when home bought a used vending machine and started visiting venues to place his newly acquired vending machine.

He has changed his life trajectory 3 times, from serving in the military, advertising sales executives, to 10 years of building an amazing multimillion-dollar business with franchises across America.





What you will learn from Matt Miller

  • The event that forced Matt to build a side income, trying and testing different hustles and eventually bought a used vending machine on eBay, after a brief chat with a friend in church.
  • How Matt has built a million dollar franchise business across North America, starting with only ONE $36 used vending machine from eBay, which he placed in a karate studio.
  • The shocking surprise of coins flooding out when checking his first and only vending machine after only two weeks.
  • Building up to 125 vending machines across Huston in 18 months and making twice what his full-time job provided.
  • What triggered Matt to pivot from vending machines in sports studios to School Spirit Vending and eventually to build a national franchise of 104 franchises.
  • How Matt validated the vending machine business and his recently launched podcast.
  • The danger and reality of getting comfortable with success and the need to reset goals to grow and feel fulfilled awn entrepreneur.
  • Empower relatives, friends to keep you accountable to a commitment of starting your entrepreneurial journey today. Stop kidding your self and procrastinate.
  • Let a close friend hold you accountable to decide the life you want, reach out to the customers you want to serve and create a product or service that solves a problem they experience.







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