Michael Giannulis: Creating a $40 mil Business System to Deliver Courses and Content for People with a Specific Expertise

Michael Giannulis founder of Only One Mike www.onlyonemike.com
Michael Giannulis, the founder of Pixx Marketing, helps experts create and sell their expertise as online, or offline, course by building the necessary online website and marketing system.
In 2012 Mike appeared on the ABC television show Extreme Weight Loss, losing 255 pounds. He has overcome a stutter. He has gone from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top of the mountain… on track to generate $40 mil in revenue in his current company … and he loves helping others achieve their dreams.
Today we’ll be talking about how to go from Good to Great, and how Michael helps others build systems to grow their business and achieve their freedom.

What you will learn

  • With his first credit card, he bought a “No money down” Real Estate investment course.
  • Made is first Real Estate investment to the tunes of $1.1 mill but didn’t really know what he wanted to do with the property and learned a great lesson.
  • How Michaels single biggest motivator is the ability to set goals and achieve them. Cash is the consequence of achieving his goals.
  • Michael decided to signup for Extreme Weight Loss to force himself to loose weight.
  • Life is a series of ups and downs, highs, and lows, but just keep at it.
  • People ask for advice as if there is a trick, but there isn’t, just be consistent and persistent, show up every morning and keep at it.
  • Running a business is solving problems for customers, so expect to be solving problems every day, it’s the nature of what we do and what we get paid for.
  • How Michael is making a business by identifying experts and create a sales and marketing system to deliver their expertise as online or offline courses.
  • Michael expects that it will be common that people will have multiple streams of income.
  • From a freelance business selling hours to building a business creating info products.
  • Finding a business partner is really key to the amount of thing we are really good at, is limited.
  • Partnerships don’t always last, so be prepared to change the setup, buy out a partner and make adjustments.
  • Make sure you do what you are really good at, as this helps grow the business exponentially faster.
  • Coaching customers is an increasingly successful feature which helps customers succeed to a much higher degree.
  • Focusing on cold leads has its implications on the price point you can have.
  • Hiring staff is the 3. most critical skill a founder need to master. You’ve got to hire salespeople who are independent and confident to be successful in selling courses at different price points.
  • How scaling the business has been the biggest challenge
  • Next is to set bigger goals and the changes that are required in the business.
  • You have to be able to accept that you will fail and that you need to pick your self up and go again. Persistence is key.

Quotes by Michael Giannulis

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