Milana Leshinsky: Simplicity & Finding Your Business Idea; From $6 Piano Lessons to 6 Figure Digital Business.

Milana Leshinsky founder of
Today’s guest is Milana Leshinsky is the founder of Simplicity Revolution.
Milana immigrated to the United States from Soviet Ukraine 25-years ago as a Classical Musician.
Despite having zero knowledge of the business world and only a rudimentary understanding of English, Milana taught herself everything she needed to build multiple six and seven-figure businesses.
After two decades of building businesses and building a strong network, she had a bit of a “mid-life crisis of heart” and asked herself why she was doing what she was doing.




What you will learn

  • “Simplicity & Clarity” and what it means to have simplicity in your business and life.
  • The importance of finding the shortest route to your goal.
  • How to become clear on your lifestyle before you build your business, so it supports you as opposed to you being driven by the business.
  • How complexity can lead to frustration and lack of energy because you end up doing a lot of things you don’t enjoy doing, things that is not in the zone of where your talent is located.
  • Building a digital business with a razor sharp focus on building a client base and services for coaches.
  • How creating the first Tele Summit (Virtual Summit) for coaches created a 6 figure income for Milana.
  • Creating solutions to serve her own business needs, were always what started Melina’s business services and products.
  • Milana worked at a local newspaper while starting her business.
  • Nitch down until it hurts. How Milana went from SME to Coaching businesses and started to focus on the problems, networks and go-to person in the coaching industry.
  • In the learning mode for about 12 months, writing ebooks and serving customers from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am.
  • After going full time, the focus enabled Milana to go deeper in her entire business from marketing, to courses and content.
  • Strive for your circumstances to push you and help guide you.

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Milana’s website –
and get access to the Free Facebook group and free assessment.

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