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Morten Middelfart: How love for Business Intelligence, Palm Trees & Skydiving created a serial entrepreneur & dream life

Morten Middelfart founder of

Morten Middelfart has built several businesses: SocialQuant a tool that helps you maximize your social reach on Twitter and Morton Systems Unlimited, an Investment company focused on investing in businesses related to Big Data, Data Mining, and intelligent algorithms. He is also the CIO of Genomic Expression Inc. which helps find the best match between drug and cancer patient and increase the rate of recovery.

He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, another Ph.D. in Computer Aided Leadership & Management plus an MBA. This is not all, he is also an avid skydiver and base jumper, former Lieutenant in the Danish Army.



What you will learn

  • How Morten Middelfart built his first Business Intelligence product based on what he discovered as an employee.
  • How Morten created a business intelligence product in 6 months, started selling immediately and made an exit after 11 months.
  • How SocialQuant was built and launched in a few months to see if it could generate revenue. An awesome case of building a Minimum Viable Product.
  • Morten’s advice on how you can get started today, finding your product, start now and why patience is important.
  • What is next for Morten: BIG Data, BIG projects, Lumina Analytics






SocialQuant get 14 days Free Trial.

If you get the growth in Twitter followers, as I did, you will be ecstatic.


Web – Lumina Analytics, turning external data into actionable intelligence.

Web – Genomic Expression Inc. The right diagnostic can save your life.



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Morten on LinkedIn – Morten Middelfart

Morten on Twitter – @Dr_Morten


SocialQuant on Twitter @SocialQuant


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