Natalie Ard: “A-Star-From-A-Far” From the Kitchen Table, Selling Through 11 Resellers to +550 Resellers in Three Years.

Natalie Ard, founder of Star From A Far
Natalie Ard is the founder of the Star From Afar Kids company, which creates inspirational, interactive games and toys that help children play with a purpose.
Her mission is to inspire children and to spark their curiosity and creativity with products that create lasting family memories.
Natalie is the creator, author, and illustrator of The Christmas Star From Afar® and The Easter Story Egg.
With StarFromAFar Natalie has moved from her dining room table to the shelves of Barns & Noble, Cracker Barrel, and QVC.

What you will learn

  • How Natalie used a family Christmas custom to create a business but was intended as a side hobby and not a million dollar business.
  • From cardboard templates of a board game to full-size wooden pieces build in the garage to full production in China.
  • From the kitchen table to production in China, managing logistics, financing inventory and selling to national retail bookstores
  • Fumbling with getting a grip on how to get it specified, produced in China, shipped back to America and financing.
  • Figuring out pricing was really hard when selling through national retailers, figuring out the cost, markup for resellers, while at the same time be competitive.
  • First-year sales (2.500 units) came only from own website and promoted it through Friends, Family, Facebook and not any paid advertising. Attended Craft-Fairs in the neighborhood.
  • After ONE and a HALF year into the business, Natalie felt confident this could be a full-time income.
  • How sales have scaled from 2014 – 11 local stores to +550 retail stores in ONE YEAR
  • How outsourcing bookkeeping and admin tasks, helped free up time for marketing and grow the business much faster.
  • All sales coming in went back into the business to finance inventory, marketing, and sales.
  • Finding specialists, Facebook group chats, local business groups to learn and get feedback from others who have already done it.
  • How the children have been impacted by Natalie’s entrepreneurial journey, and their comments when watching Shark-Tank and also the overwhelm of not feeling providing enough attention to the kids.


Resources Mentioned

Natalie used Alibaba to find her first suppliers in China.
FREE downloadable coloring book

Connect with Natalie Ard

Natalie on Twitter @starkidscompany

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