Nathan Hirsch founder of How to hire your first freelancer and avoid the mistakes.

Nathan Hirsch founder

Today I share the mic with Nathan Hirsch, CEO, and founder of FreeeUp, a platform that connects businesses of all shapes and sizes with top freelancers across the world.

His first entrepreneurial adventure was drop-shipping through Amazon and business that has grown into a 5-7 million a year business with pure remote workers.
After interviewing and hiring hundreds of remote workers with their first eCommerce company, they saw the power of online workers and the impact that they could make on the growth of a business.

We are going to be talking about building eCommerce sales of $40 mill plus, creating business systems, remote personnel hiring and management, the Amazon Marketplace, and the advanced sales tactics that landed the first 500 Freeeup customers.



What you will learn

  • How Nathan started to buy and sell school books at college, competing with the school bookstore and got a cease and desist letter.
  • Created an eCommerce business on Amazon selling hundreds of different product but it was only books that worked at first.
  • Later Nathan succeeded with a lot of other products.
  • The fun of trying and testing new ideas.
  • How Nathan almost got destroyed by not being prepared with sufficient resources for high season and realized the need for having to hire freelancers.
  • How the experience of interviewing freelance prospects for 8 hours strategy with no result, triggered Nathan to create
  • How Nathan validated his idea for a freelance marketplace by reaching out to other business owners.
  • How we tend, in good time, to think “what can possibly go wrong?”
  • The deepest and darkest moment in Nathan’s entire entrepreneurial journey, that taught him, that we can’t allow a single point of failure.
  • How Nathan build a bigger and better business in 6 months following an entire meltdown.
  • How Nathan learned from ultimate failure when he created his next business.
  • The mistakes we make when hiring our first employee and how to avoid them


Five step hiring process

  1. Identify what you want to have done
  2. What the perfect person looks like
  3. Interview them for skill and communication skills, Are they the right fit for me
  4. Set expectations, what does a good and bad project look like
  5. Set up feedback loop so to avoid misinterpretations and miscommunications and a steady learning process.

How to decide what to delegate when looking for your first hire.

  • Create a list of what you are doing every day.
  • Prioritize on what is hardest and what takes the most time.
  • Realise what you, yourself, are bad and good at when deciding what to delegate.
  • Hire for the thing you are not good at.


  • How Nathan is promoting his business through podcast interviews, webinars, work with influencers that promote Freeeup, a referral program that pays out great money to referrers and conference speaking
  • How Nathan has delegated the entire responsibility to his eCommerce business and now fully focused on



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