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Olga Szakal: From $400 to a million. How to Chutzpah with Olga Szakal

Olga Szakal founder of

Born in Siberia she visualized a better life, which brought her to America with $400 in her pocket. Despite a divorce, losing her parents and alone with 4 children, she built her life and business. Today’s Olga Szakal is a millionaire. Here is her amazing story and how she got mentored by Patrick Bet David.


Olga Szakal is the founder of “How to Chutzpah” ( where she helps aspiring entrepreneurs overcome fears, grow together, advance millionaire skills and start earning the money doing what you love!


Check out Olga’s website for how to start a business and earn $5.000 in 90 days.




She is born in Siberia, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English, History and social studies. With $400 in her pocket and a scholarship, she moved to the state of Washington in 1995, where she studied business and marketing.

After 12 successful years in pharmaceutical sales and marketing and 5 years in real estate, she decided to start her own business.

Despite a divorce and alone with 4 lovely children, she launched her new life, not willing to accept any excuse.

As the lucky winner at Valuetainment, she received mentorship from none other than Patric Bet David and soon after managed to bring her business to the next level.



What you will learn:

  • How Olga visualized herself driving a car in America, five years before even considering moving to America, while still living in Siberia.



  • How Olga came to America with $400 and learned the need to hustle.
  • Finding an after-school cleaning job in an upscale neighborhood to fund school books and living expenses.
  • How Olga after a divorce, thrived and created her own business and created her first million dollars.
  • How Olga is helping her clients to build an income of $5.000 a month in just 90-days.
  • Why it’s critical for aspiring entrepreneurs to reach out to network, mastermind groups, and mentors?
  • How Olga controls her fear and how she turns fear into something positive.
  • How starting as a life coach, eventually brought Olga to become an entrepreneurial mentor and the business that generates her income today.
  • How to keep your new business simple so you ensure that you actually move forward and don’t end procrastinating and not getting started.
  • The importance of surrounding your self with others who have already been where you are going.
  • How Olga managed to win a Valuetainment competition and the opportunity to spend a day with Patrick Bet David.
  • How a day with Patric Bet David helped Olga set higher standards for herself and pivot her business to the next level.
  • Olga’s suggestion to The ONE Thing we need to do today to start our entrepreneurial journey.


Resources mentioned by Olga Szakal


Patric Bet David founder of Valuetainment and an immense support and mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs.



Books mentioned by Olga Szakal

Book: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Jay Papersan and Gary Keller



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Twitter – @olgaszakal

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