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Searching for that great idea, your inner "genius"?

As it turns out, I was, and partly still am, that person. ENOUGH, I wanted to fulfill my potential, become the person I identified with and create the life I wanted. Is that where you are too?

It's hard. We are about to learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time, so we need to Start NOW, start learning, failing, test and keep going.

Are you ready?

Tribe of Entrepreneurs podcast, with host Soren Skovdahl Hansen

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Joshua Spodek

Joshua Spodek: SIDCHA, self awareness and “Do-ing”, is the path to entrepreneurship


Joshua helps put an end to shiny object syndrome and becoming who you want to be, but it requires that you start “doing” as you say you will.   SIDCHA – The Self-Imposed Daily Challenging Healthy Activity   Leadership and Entrepreneurship Requires Getting in the Trenches and Doing, Not Just Learning. – Joshua Spodek   co-founded…

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Ep 015 Sarah Goodall tribalimpact

Sarah Goodall: Waited 20 years to create her own amazing business & lifestyle


Sarah’s fantastic journey from design education to 20 years in corporate marketing, before the chimes for starting her own business, was so loud, she could no longer ignore them. Sarah has had a long and successful career in social media marketing for large international companies like SAP, IBM and Hitachi before she took the BIG…

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Ep 011

Power interview with Darieth Chisolm: From NBC news anchor to creator of 5 days to 5 figures


Why Darieth left as popular NBC news anchor for 20 years, went on a rocky path to create her own successful business and lifestyle. But why? Darieth Chisolm is an Emmy Award-winning television personality and the former news anchor for 20 years at NBC in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. She has been an entrepreneur, author, speaker, life…

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Derric Haynie & Shana Haynie

Shana & Derric Haynie Rocks! How they are building an amazing social media agency


How Derric Haynie and his wife, Shana Haynie, has spent three years, $150K and pivoted twice before arriving at a profitable social media marketing agency, Vulpine Interactive.     Vulpine Interactive helps clients content “shine”, build their brand and lasting relationships with their customers.   Today’s two guests, Shana and Derric Haynie, are partners in…

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Ep 012 Marty Vids Show

How Marty Vids was serving customers at 7, used standup comedy to curb fear and build 4 businesses


, when he challenged himself by doing standup comedy   Marty Vids loves people and business. He is an innovator, mentor and leader in small business in Australia. Marty Vids has helped build not one but three personal finance and mortgage brokerage businesses, each one achieving more than 1 mill AUD/ year in sales. Working…

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Ep 011 Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward: From Pastor to mastery of business and lifestyle


  Michael Woodward is the founder of digital web agency Woodward design group, where he and his team have helped more than 400 businesses build their online presence. As Pastor at The Father’s House Church, he was living out his dream of helping others with personal challenges, but in 2008 the economy tumbled, which meant…

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Ep 010 Matt Inglot

Matt Inglot, from losing money to a masterpiece web agency

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Matt Inglot is the owner of a web agency called He is also the founder of the podcast and website where he helps people transform their agencies into more profitable and fulfilling businesses. With 11 years of running, he knows what he is talking about and his eagerness to help others, who are now in…

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Saija Mahon founder of

Saija Mahon: How she started an international digital agency with Zero capital


  Today’s guest, Saija Mahon, is a proper Maverick in Digital Marketing, she is the founder of Mahon Digital Ltd ( in England, which she has grown into multiple offices in Scandinavia, including her native Finland plus a web design agency, Lonely Robot Web Design. Before launching Mahon Digital Marketing she spend 10 years working…

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Ep 008 soren nielsen

Soren Nielsen – Creating a dream, the first digital piggy bank


Learn how Søren Nielsen and 2 friends and co-founders of, Mads Tangel and Thomas Bjerring, discovered their entrepreneurial idea, waived goodbye to paycheck and embarked on a journey of uncertainty, always in doubt and always out of their comfort zone. How they stayed committed and learned how to deal with the massive emotional ups…

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Ep 007 mark asquith

Mark Asquith: The more you expect from yourself, the more you will succeed


  Learn how today’s guest, Mark Asquith, started his first business at the age of 20 but shot down his business 9 months later with 20.000 pounds in debt. Determined to succeed he started a new business, but this time with a few friend, a business which is still going strong. Mark is hesitant to…

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