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Tribe of Entrepreneurs - ready to get fired up?

Can't seem to get your entrepreneurial journey started?

Searching for that great idea, your inner "genius"?

As it turns out, I was, and partly still am, that person. ENOUGH, I wanted to fulfill my potential, become the person I identified with and create the life I wanted. Is that where you are too?

It's hard. We are about to learn how to ride a bicycle for the first time, so we need to Start NOW, start learning, failing, test and keep going.

Are you ready?

Tribe of Entrepreneurs podcast, with host Soren Skovdahl Hansen

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Jon Butt

“Start Now”, how Jon Butt built his first business at age 18


  Today’s guest is a fantastic serial entrepreneur. He built his first business going door to door selling fire extinguishers, which he sold off for a seven-figure amount. After selling off his business he decided to embark on making business online and have tried and tested selling a range of different products online before settling on…

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Bailey Richert

The birth of an infopreneur, how Bailey Richert got started

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Bailey Richert is a business coach for beginning and budding infopreneurs. At the age of 25, she started to question if there was more to life than a life long career in consulting. She refers to it as her “quarter-life crisis”. Determined to become her own boss, she decided to go back to school for…

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About Tribe of Entrepreneurs

My name is Soren Skovdahl Hansen, the host of Tribe of Entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

Tribe of Entrepreneurs have two goals 1) to provide you with the inspiration and examples of taking action towards living the life we want, 2) Paying it forward for the amazing guests and entrepreneurs who inspires us to do so.